Welcome to my review of the best concert ukulele strings. Although it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole while searching for the best-sounding tonewoods, the best-designed accessories, and the most gorgeous ukulele model, don’t forget that strings are an essential piece of the puzzle too.

I’ve played on dozens of different ukulele models over the course of the past several decades, and I’ve noticed that poor-sounding models are often drastically improved when restrung.

Quick Look: Best Concert Ukulele Strings

#1 Best Concert Ukulele String Overall: AQ-86 Series


Allow me to suggest a couple of string sets that stand out from other bundles currently offered on the market.

What Is a Concert Ukulele String?

The concert model is the second smallest ukulele type. Typically, concert-sized ukuleles feature a two-inch taller fretboard when compared to soprano ukuleles, which means that you can’t use the same set of strings for both.

close-up of a wooden concert ukulele

The actual dimensions, weight, material, and quality of a string set, however, have little to do with the size of the ukulele. Different brands manufacture string sets of different quality, durability, and versatility.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Concert Ukulele String

While you should generally shoot for sets made by bigger brands (Aquila, D’Addario, Ernie Ball), there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when shopping for concert ukulele strings, such as:


Not all concert ukulele models are equal in size. Some have taller necks and others have larger bodies, so in order to find the right fit for your particular model you should inquire about the exact size of each string.


String material has a tremendous impact on the overall sound quality. For instance, steel strings sound distinctly sharper than nylon, while FC strings are somewhere in between.

Additionally, you’ll notice that non-wound and wound strings offer different levels of sonic performance. Personally, I prefer flat-wound strings, but again, it’s mostly the material that dictates the quality at the end of the day.


Ukulele strings are typically fairly cheap, but the problem is that you’ll need to buy them every couple of months.

For example, it’s easy to say that the price difference between a $5 and a $10 set is minimal; however, a year’s worth of $5 strings totals at $60 while the same quantity of $10 strings is $120.

10 Best Concert Ukulele Strings

If you’ve never purchased a ukulele string set before, you’re probably wondering where to even start. This buying guide gives additional information about concert ukulele strings, such as what they’re made of and how to pick the right pack.

a concert ukulele on a red background

Meanwhile, let’s review some of the finest models on the market.

1. Aquila Red Series AQ-86 Concert Ukulele Strings

  • What’s included: Standalone concert ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Composite synthetic construction, unfinished
  • Best for: Best concert ukulele strings overall

This is my favorite set of concert ukulele strings is AQ-86 for a ton of reasons. First and foremost, they feel substantially lighter than most boutique ukulele strings while offering a tremendous level of durability.

Even though I’m accustomed to restringing my ukuleles at least once a month, these tend to remain in tune and play just as great much longer than you’d normally expect. They’re a bit expensive, but they’re well worth the buck, especially if you’re a gigging musician.

✅ Perfect for live performers and musicians
✅ Exceptionally durable
✅ Composite synthetic construction
✅ Stay in tune for extended periods
❌ Expensive
❌ Slightly wider than average

Why I Recommend It

You can’t make a mistake by opting for AQ-86 – their sonic performance is outstanding, and their rugged design offers nearly unparalleled durability. I recommend them to anyone searching for a quality set of strings and money’s not the issue.



2. D’Addario EJ88C Nyltech Ukulele Strings

  • What’s included: Standalone concert ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Nylon construction, unfinished
  • Best for: Best cheap concert ukulele strings

It’s true that D’Addario is one of the biggest names in the industry, and they offer a rich selection of entry-level strings for ukuleles. The D’Addario EJ88C is a pack of concert ukulele strings equipped with the exquisite Nyltech technology that gives these light-gauge strings much-needed durability.

✅ Nyltech technology
✅ Significantly lighter than average
✅ Highly affordable
✅ Tremendous playability level
❌ A bit flimsier than average
❌ Thin strings; you may need some time to adjust to how they feel

Why I Recommend It

If you’re looking to buy concert ukulele strings in bulk, my recommendation lies with D’Addario EJ88C. These strings are exceptionally cheap, but they put most low-end packs to shame with their phenomenal sound and playability.



3. Aquila 7U Concert Ukulele String Set

  • What’s included: Standalone concert ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Nylon construction, unfinished
  • Best for: Best concert ukulele strings for beginners

Here we have another pack from Aquila. The Aquila 7U string set is essentially a classic pack of ukulele strings that boasts improved resistance to corrosion and wear, allowing beginners to play their ukulele without worrying they’ll pop a string if they attack too hard.

✅ Lightweight nylon construction
✅ All-around performance
✅ Improved corrosion resistance
✅ Great value for the buck
❌ Not exactly cheap
❌ Best suited for C-tuned concert ukuleles

Why I Recommend It

In my humble opinion, Aquila’s 7U’s performance is commendable in all respects. Even though they don’t particularly excel in any given field of performance, they’re some of the best-rounded ukulele strings I’ve used so far.



4. Aquila Super Nylgut AQ-103 Concert Ukulele Strings

  • What’s included: Standalone concert ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Synthetic material, unfinished
  • Best for: Best concert ukulele strings for strumming

The Super Nylgut AQ-103 picked up where the ‘regular’ Nylgut series left off and filled the gaps where it was lacking. These strings are dramatically less stretchy, offering superior tuning stability and somewhat increased robustness.

✅ Highly durable
✅ Unequaled tuning stability
✅ Excellent sound quality
✅ Classic look
❌ List a Con here
❌ List a Con here

Why I Recommend It

The Super Nylgut AQ-103 is my warmest recommendation for any pick-using uke player. Aside from the fact that these strings are much sturdier than average, they also remain in tune for extended periods, no matter how aggressive your playing style may be.



5. Ortega Guitars UWNY-4-CC Concert Ukulele Strings

  • What’s included: Standalone concert ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Nylon construction, unfinished
  • Best For: Best concert ukulele strings for fingerpicking

Ortega Guitars UWNY-4CC is a set of custom ukulele strings made of top-shelf nylon material. Basically, these ukulele strings are gentler and lighter than most, making them perfect for fingerpickers.

✅ Lightweight
✅ Decently durable
✅ Unique sonic signature
✅ Warm tone
❌ Pricey
❌ Different feel when compared to ‘standard’ uke strings

Why I Recommend It

I mainly recommend UWNY-4-CC to intermediately skilled players who’ve popped a couple of sets already. These strings may feel a bit different to you because they were meant to provide a balance between weight and playability, but they sound absolutely amazing.



6. Aquila USA 112U Lava Nylgut Concert Ukulele String Set

  • What’s included: Standalone concert ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Synthetic Super Nylgut material, spray-painted in gray & black
  • Best for: Best synthetic concert ukulele strings

The final Aquila-made strings on the list is the 112U Lava Nylgut concert ukulele strings. They’re the sturdiest of the bunch and offer a distinctly warm tone, unlike their lightweight bright-sounding counterparts.

✅ Unique aesthetic
✅ Unparalleled durability
✅ Warm, rich tone
✅ Stable intonation
❌ Expensive
❌ Mediocre playability

Why I Recommend It

If you don’t mind paying top dollar for a quality set of concert ukulele strings, I suggest you give the 112U Lava Nylgut a go. Exceptionally durable, these strings not only sound great but also stay in tune for longer periods of time.



7. Caramel ‘Melts in My Heart’ Fluorcarbon Ukulele String Set

  • What’s included: Two sets of concert ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Fluorocarbon construction, unfinished
  • Best for: Best fluorocarbon concert ukulele strings

Fluorocarbon strings are among the most versatile ukulele string materials, and I always have one set made of it as backup. I recommend the Caramel two-pack bundle to anyone searching for sturdy strings with a bit of steel-like twang in their sound.

✅ Decently durable
✅ Highly controllable tone
✅ Remarkable playability
✅ Gratis set
❌ Moderately pricey
❌ They remain in tune for slightly shorter periods

Why I Recommend It

Overall, the ‘Melts in My Heart’ Caramel bundle is exemplary in many respects. Aside from the fact that these strings are rugged and sturdy, they also offer strong volume, although at the expense of intonation.



8. Yoklili Ukulele String Set

  • What’s included: Five sets of ukulele strings, ten felt picks, string widener, capo
  • Material & finish: Nylon construction, unfinished
  • Best for: Best cheap concert ukulele string value bundle

I’m fairly vocal about cheap strings actually being expensive by the long run, and I’d always rather recommend buying a bundle than a couple of packs of standalone flimsy string sets.

The Yoklili ukulele string set features five packs of quality strings, and it is also supplied with a myriad of complementary accessories, such as a capo and ten felted picks.

✅ Versatile ukulele accessories bundle
✅ Quality nylon construction
✅ Exceptionally cheap
✅ Sturdy accessories
❌ Fairly thin strings
❌ Mediocre durability

Why I Recommend It

Yoklili’s nylon string bundle is great for several reasons. First and foremost, there are five packs of great-sounding strings inside, and second, the bundle box is packed with quality extras.



9. Auihiay 18-Piece Ukulele String Accessories Kit

  • What’s included: Five sets of concert ukulele strings, ten felt picks, winder, capo, clip-on tuner
  • Material & finish: Nylon construction, unfinished
  • Best for: Best concert ukulele string box set

If you’re low on cash and want to stock up on some quality concert uke strings, I think you’ll find the Auihiay 18-Piece Bundle valuable. It features five sets of nylon strings, ten felt picks, a winder, and a capo, but you shouldn’t expect too much in terms of durability from any of these accessories.

✅ One of the cheapest ukulele string sets available
✅ Decent sound quality
✅ Accurate tuner
✅ Great for both beginners and gigging musicians
❌ Flimsy construction
❌ The picks are poorly designed

Why I Recommend It

Auihiay’s ukulele string package is among the most versatile ukulele accessory bundles I’ve come across. Even though I didn’t like the picks too much, I was fairly surprised at the sound quality of the strings and the tuner’s precision.



10. Yoloplus+ Ukulele String Set

  • What’s included: Five concert ukulele string sets, ten soft picks
  • Material & finish: Nylon construction, unfinished
  • Best for: Best concert ukulele string replacement set

The Yoloplus+ string set is ideal if you’re saving up for a quality uke and don’t want to spend too much cash on the strings. The set features five packs and ten soft picks, but more importantly, it’s remarkably affordable.

✅ Durable strings
✅ Great sound for a cheap pack of concert ukulele strings
✅ Soft picks
✅ Perfect string replacements
❌ Flimsy construction
❌ Poor intonation

Why I Recommend It

The Yoloplus+ string set is terrific for people on a low budget. I imagine you would find any Aquila set better sound-wise, but there’s strength in numbers here – the package features ten picks and five string sets.



Best Concert Ukulele String Brands

There are many ukulele string-making companies, but not all of them are exactly reliable and dependable.

close up of small brown concert ukulele with strings

In this section, I’ll share my take on some of the biggest names in the industry, and I’d also like to acquaint you with a couple smaller brands that offer unique, exquisite features.


The current ukulele string market is dominated by Aquila – there’s no question about that. This brand specializes in manufacturing the best-quality ukulele strings (including packs for all shapes and sizes), and they’re also popular among acoustic guitar players as well.

Even though their string packs might be a few bucks more expensive than average, if you value sturdiness and top-shelf sonic performance over affordability, I recommend checking their models out.


D’Addario is tremendously popular among guitarists and ukulele players alike. The reason why their strings are better than most is the fact that they are backed by cutting-edge technology (Nyl-tech specifically), which gives them increased durability and a superb tone.

Ortega Guitars

OG is primarily a boutique guitar manufacturer, but they’ve made quite an impact in the world of concert ukuleles as well. Essentially, they offer a wide array of top-shelf string packs, but I mainly recommend their custom sets due to their unique properties and construction.


As far as ukulele strings go, Caramel mainly focuses on producing sturdy, great-sounding packs.

Additionally, they often include complementary features (extra strings or picks) in most of their box sets, so you’ll be able to get a bit more value for your buck should you opt for them.


Even though Auihiay is not as popular as Ortega or Aquila, their catalog is worth checking out for multiple reasons.

First and foremost, Auihiay offers excellent-quality concert ukulele strings at a remarkably cheap price. Second, their string packages are typically laden with a plethora of free accessories, offering superior value for the money.

Concert Ukulele String Aesthetics & Build

The construction material, finish, and color are the three essential factors that differentiate various concert ukulele strings as far as performance is concerned.


The material affects their durability, the finish affects their playability, and the color impacts their aesthetics.


Some of the most common concert ukulele string materials are nylon, steel, and fluorocarbon. Basically, these materials are either wound with a reinforced core or non-wound (as-is).

Steel is the sturdiest material while nylon offers a bit more versatile tone and enhanced playability. If you don’t want to compromise between the two, I suggest picking up a fluorocarbon set of strings.


The finish of a string set doesn’t heavily influence how great they sound, although polished strings tend to last a bit longer and spray-painted strings are stiffer and a bit harder to play on.


Some beginners may find colored concert ukulele strings a bit easier to use. For instance, hand-eye coordination becomes much easier when you can tell the strings apart through different colors rather than guessing their name and number, especially early on.

Other than that, the color of any string set is purely aesthetic in nature. As I mentioned earlier, I recommend avoiding spray-painted strings solely because they’re less playable and flimsier.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Buying Guide section contains general information about things you should keep in mind when shopping for concert ukulele strings.

a close-up concert ukulele strings

However, since each ukulele model and each string pack is different, I’m sure you have a couple of questions left.

How Much Do Concert Ukulele Strings Cost?

High-end ukulele strings cost around $10, while some of the cheapest string sets cost approximately $5, making $7.50 the average price. Again, most people replace their ukulele strings every couple of months, so each dollar off the tag may affect your budget.

What Are the Best Concert Ukulele Strings?

The market is brimming with excellent concert ukulele strings, so finding the best of the best surely wasn’t an easy task.

Some packs stand out because they sound better, others are sturdier than average, and some are great and cheap at the same time. Here’s a quick recap of the Top 3 concert ukulele string sets.

Aquila AQ-86: Best Overall

My personal favorite is the Aquila AQ-86 pack from Aquila’s Red Series. As a matter of fact, I’ve been using this string set for a while now, and I’ve yet to notice any kind of drawback. They’re well-rounded and sound absolutely fantastic.

D’Addario EJ88C Nyltech: Best for Players on a Budget

If you’re low on cash while wanting to get the most value for your buck, I suggest you take a gander at D’Addario’s EJ88C Nyltech strings. They’re just a tad less durable than AQ-86 while offering tremendous sound quality and playability.

Auihiay 18-Piece Ukulele String Accessories Kit: Best Concert Ukulele Bundle

Finally, my recommendation for the best ukulele string pack is Auihiay 18-piece ukulele string accessories kit. It’s an all-encompassing bundle that features multiple string sets, several picks, a tuner, and a capo.

Where Are the Best Concert Ukulele Strings Made?

Given that Aquila is the leading brand in this particular branch of the ukulele industry, I have to say that Italy produces some of the finest concert ukulele strings. The USA is right behind them with D’Addario, Ortega, and Ernie Ball.

Where to Buy Concert Ukulele Strings

There are several ways to purchase ukulele strings, but it all boils down to buying a pack online or physically going into a music store. Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each method:


Being the biggest online marketplace, Amazon should be the first place to start your search. Amazon is massive, so you may end up browsing through different sets and packs for hours at a time.

Some of the arguments that go in favor of purchasing your concert ukulele strings this way include free testing (backed by money-back guarantees) and the ability to check the legitimacy of each seller via user reviews and star ratings.

Online Music Retailers

If you didn’t manage to find what you were looking for, I suggest paying a visit to Sweetwater, Fiddlershop, and Guitar Center.

These are some of the most popular and credible sources, just like Amazon, with the main difference being in the goods that they offer (different models).

Your Local Music Store

When all else fails, you should take a stroll to your local music shop and see what strings they have to offer. The main benefit is that you’ll actually be able to try the strings out, even though they’ll probably be more expensive than they should be.

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In Conclusion

In a nutshell, the easiest way to pick the best concert ukulele strings is to take a gander at what the biggest brands in the industry have to offer. Professional string-makers pay close attention to all the aspects we’ve talked about, and their packs are typically not overly expensive either.

If you’re still unsure which set to pick, I recommend Aquila’s AQ-86 as the best all-around solution. These strings excel in pretty much all fields of performance. They’re much sturdier than average, sound absolutely great, and are available at a decently approachable price.