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All of the buyer’s guides on this website are written by professional musicians, music teachers and avid players of the instrument in question.

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Below are all of the different buyer’s guides for each instrument so that you can find the absolute best string instrument for you. Simply click the on your instrument below and find the best available for purchase this year. These lists are constantly updated.

Best Acoustic Guitars

In this buyer’s guide you’ll find our list of the best acoustic guitars to purchase this year. We have done the research so you don’t have to! 

Our expert guitarist and guitar teacher, Brian, works in a guitar shop and has tested countless acoustic guitars. He’s a uniquely qualified individual to review guitars on our site and he shares his vast knowledge with you in this buyer’s guide.

Martin D-18
Normal Banjo Transparent Back

Best Banjos

The best banjos on the market this year. Whether you’re looking for a bluegrass banjo or a beginner’s banjo, you’ll find one to fit your mood and budget in this extensive guide.

Our banjo expert, Ryan Burns, has been playing banjo professionally and teaching banjo for over 12 years. Look no further than this expertly curated list when shopping for a new banjo.

Best Bass Guitars

In this buyer’s guide you’ll find our list of the best bass guitars to purchase this year.  

Our expert bass guitarist and guitar teacher, Anthony, has worked tirelessly to research, review and compare hundreds of guitars to come up with this list of the best bass guitars on the market.

Best Cello & Cello Brands

Best cellos

Choosing a cello isn’t easy. Luckily we have a classically trained, professional, orchestra cellist here to help you out.

Whether you’re brand new to cello, or you’re looking to upgrade your current instrument, this buyer’s guide has you covered.

Best Electric Guitars

In this buyer’s guide you’ll find our list of the best electric guitars to purchase this year.  

Our expert electric guitarist and guitar teacher plays, researches and compares countless electric guitars to bring you the best on the market in this in-depth buyer’s guide.

Best Mandolins

Our guide to the best mandolins available to purchase online written by our professional mandolinist, Anthony Lowski, who has been playing the mandolin for over a decade.

This list includes the best beginner mandolins, as well as mandolins for all playing levels, musical styles and techniques.

Best Ukuleles

There are thousands of ukuleles out there to chose from. Our professional ukulele player breaks down the best ones you can order today.

Whether you’re a pro, or just starting out, you’ll find the perfect ukulele for your style on this list.

Violin Home Page

Best Violins

A violin is perhaps the most personal instrument there is. They can cost as little as a hundred dollars, all the way up to a hundred thousand.

When choosing a violin, choose wisely. You may have it with you for many years to come.

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Our buyer’s guides are always written by people who have had plenty of experience playing the instruments in question. Any guide, review, blog post or gear lists has been written by professionals who have vast knowledge about the instruments, their maintenance, history, and how to play them.

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Our team of experts has been playing string instruments for most of their life either professionally or for fun. Many of them are even music teachers and own or work in music stores so they can get their hands on as many instruments as possible to review, test and compare right here on our website.

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