Fender is the leading brand in the stringed instrument industry. While it’s pretty safe to say that almost every guitar player knows about Fender or has one of their axes in their arsenal, not many people know that Fender also produces top-quality ukuleles.

I started playing ukulele because I stumbled onto Zuma while browsing Fender’s catalog. This happy little accident helped me realize what a massive brand this is, and more importantly, that their ukuleles are much better than most of what the current market has to offer.

Quick Look: Best Fender Ukuleles

#1 Best Fender Ukuleles Overall: Fender Montecito Tenor


Without any further ado, let me welcome you to my review of the best Fender ukuleles. Today we’ll talk about Fender-made ukulele models and what to look for in one, so let’s get started straight away.

About Fender Ukuleles

Fender was founded back in 1946 by Clarence Leonidas Fender in Fullerton, United States of America, and ever since they’ve shaped and reinvented the music industry in more ways than I can count.

Fender Zuma red ukulele on the table

Over the past 75 years, Fender has acquired a myriad of world-class brands, such as Bigsby, Charvel, Gretsch, Jackson, and Squier, and they’ve also branched out into the fields of ukulele manufacturing.

Plainly put, Fender’s engineers have decades of experience and expertise. Obviously, they didn’t require much time or effort to figure out how to produce some of the best-sounding ukuleles out there.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Fender Ukulele

When shopping for a Fender ukulele, all you have to do is determine specific qualities that you value in an instrument.

Even though Fender’s catalog of ukuleles isn’t massive, their selection offers premium-quality models across all price ranges, so it’s virtually impossible not to find what you’re looking for.

In case you aren’t exactly sure what a good ukulele should look and sound like, these are some of the things you should consider before making your final decision:


One of the reasons why most people pick up an ukulele is because it’s much smaller than its six-stringed acoustic counterpart.

Typically, there are five ukulele sizes, which are soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and bass. However, Fender doesn’t dabble in baritones and bass ukuleles. These two ukulele size types are too big and heavy, so I assume they don’t sell as much.

With that in mind, I’d like to give you a few guidelines regarding the three ukulele size types that Fender manufactures, so that you can choose one in accordance with your needs and capabilities:

  1. Soprano: Soprano ukuleles are petite and ultra-light. They’re best for inexperienced players, as these ukuleles are typically more playable, although they feel a bit toylike in comparison to other ukulele types.
  2. Concert: Concert ukuleles are in the “golden middle.” They’re just a tad heavier and bigger than sopranos.
  3. Tenor: They are biggest ukulele type that Fender produces. Even though they’re fairly heavier than soprano and concert ukes, they’re typically sturdier and generally last longer.

The Overall Tone & Sound

Again, I’d like to focus on sopranos, concert, and tenor ukuleles, because they are the three exclusive ukulele types that Fender makes.

The quality of sound should be important to you regardless of whether you’re just starting out or if you’re an experienced musician.

Players-in-the-making will get the opportunity to get accustomed to quality tone and evolve their hearing sense with a good ukulele, while professionals will rely on their signature sound to remain relevant and popular.

Luckily, every Fender instrument sounds remarkably good, regardless of the type. You can get a clear picture of how any ukulele performs sonically by paying attention to these elements:

  1. Size: The smaller the ukulele is, the “thinner” the sound is. Larger ukuleles are normally louder and more bassy too, although these differences are more prevalent in baritone ukuleles.
  2. Tonewoods: Koa, mahogany, rosewood, and maple are the most common ukulele tonewoods. The combination of these has the biggest impact on the final sound any ukulele produces.
  3. Design: Manufacturing techniques, finishes, and “tricks of the trade” augment the sonic capabilities of every model. In case of Fender, these nuances are more present and easier to notice.


Fender is renowned as one of the finest boutique instrument manufacturers. Even so, each category of instruments they produce is available across different price point categories.

There are only a couple of budget models and bundles in their catalog, while the majority of Fender-made ukuleles are either mid-range or high-end as far as price goes.

Types of Fender Ukuleles

As I mentioned above, Fender manufactures sopranos, concert, and tenor ukuleles in terms of regular size types. Additionally, they also produce semi-acoustic models.

Soprano Ukulele

Small but mighty, soprano ukuleles are perfectly suited to newcomers. These ukuleles are ideal for beginners mainly because they are light and quiet – you won’t annoy your parents and housemates while you’re learning the basics.

Concert Ukulele

My first full-sized Fender ukulele was a concert one. Zuma amazed me in more ways than one – its sound resembled that of a classical guitar while its fingerboard was so gentle and playable. Most Fender-made concert ukuleles can be described as such.

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Tenor Ukulele

I recommend tenor ukuleles for more experienced players. Not only do they offer increased volume, but they also have a fuller tone at the expense of weight. Fender has only two tenor ukuleles in their catalog: Montecito and Rincon.

Semi-electric Ukulele

Tailor-made for live ukulele players, semi-acoustic ukuleles can be plugged into amplifiers, which makes them much better-suited for gigs and touring. Billie Eilish and Grace VanderWaal signature ukuleles are the only two Fender semi-electrics.

8 Best Fender Ukuleles

Fender’s assortment of ukuleles includes an attractive selection of some of the finest sopranos, concerts, and tenors, as well as a handful of premium quality semi-acoustics. If you’re looking to get the most value for your buck, I suggest taking a look at them.

Fender Montecito Ukulele

  • Size: Tenor
  • What’s included: Fender gig bag
  • Material & finish: Koa top, back & sides, abalone top, fretboard & rosette
  • Best for: Best fender ukulele overall

Montecito is the traditional Koa-made tenor with an abalone top and rosette, vintage tuners, and a nut and saddle made of sturdy bone. While most brands provide a simple nylon bag, Fender provides a thoroughly padded one with this pack.

Overall, Fender Montecito offers the most versatile performance and is suited for both beginner and advanced ukulele players.

✅ Traditional ukulele sound
✅ Sturdy hardware
✅ Telecaster-style headstock
✅ Padded gig bag
❌ Pricey
❌ Unremarkable aesthetics

Why I Recommend It

As someone who doesn’t like to laser-focus on a single detail, I prefer ukuleles that offer a bit of everything. Montecito brings superb playability, intonation, and a wonderful tone to the table, so if you’re on the market searching for the full package, I warmly recommend checking it out.



Fender Seaside Soprano Ukulele Pack

  • Size: Soprano
  • What’s included: Replacement strings, gig bag, clip-on tuner
  • Material & finish: Mahogany construction, natural finish
  • Best for: Best cheap Fender ukulele bundle

The Fender Seaside Soprano Pack is the only ukulele bundle Fender has put on the market. It’s a must-have if you’re just starting out, as it’s packed with a plethora of high-quality accessories that are otherwise fairly pricey. As for the instrument itself, it stays in tune and offers a bright, mellow tone.

✅ Exceptional value for the buck
✅ Perfect for beginners
✅ Good intonation
✅ Warm tone
❌ Relatively flimsy
❌ Experienced players may find it too “basic”

Why I Recommend It

I warmly recommend the Seaside Ukulele Pack to every uke-player-in-the-making, as it’s easily one of the most valuable ukulele bundles that Fender has to offer.

Aside from being much cheaper than most Fender boutique ukuleles, it’s laden with a variety of utility features and it stays in tune for extended periods.



Rincon Tenor Ukulele

  • Size: Tenor
  • What’s included: Gig bag
  • Material & finish: Ovangkol top, back & sides; abalone rosette
  • Best for: Best Fender professional ukulele

The Rincon Tenor ukulele is always by my side when I’m touring. It’s a road-worthy ukulele that excels in sturdiness as much as it does in sonic performance. As always, you’ll get a gig bag free of charge.

✅ Free gig bag
✅ Remarkable sturdiness
✅ Unique tone
✅ Fishman Kula magnet system
❌ Heavy
❌ Its distinct tone may not appeal to everyone

Why I Recommend It

If you’re a gigging musician, Rincon may be the perfect option for you. This sturdy powerhouse is decently loud, but should you want to take it further, it’s equipped with a built-in pickup system that will help you control its already-great tone even more easily.



Zuma Concert Ukulele

  • Size: Concert
  • What’s included: Standalone ukulele
  • Material & finish: Sapele construction, abalone rosette, natural finish
  • Best for: Best Fender mid-range ukulele

Endorsed professionals don’t need to worry about the price tag of any ukulele, but that’s not the case for everyone. If you’ve saved up some cash for a quality ukulele but can’t afford the most widely acclaimed boutique models, Zuma Concert Ukulele will be perfect for you.

✅ Decently versatile
✅ Superb tonal characteristics
✅ High level of sturdiness
✅ Excellent value for the money
❌ No free accessories
❌ Relatively pricey

Why I Recommend It

Zuma is much lighter than the average concert ukulele, and that was reason enough for me to pick it up. Aside from that, it also sounds great and offers superior robustness. I’d even dare to say that it’s just as durable as any boutique-level ukulele from other brands.



Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele

  • Size: Concert
  • What’s included: Standalone ukulele
  • Material & finish: Sapele construction with gold hardware, natural finish
  • Best for: Best Fender semi-electric ukulele

Grace grabbed everybody’s attention when she won America’s Got Talent, including Fender’s. They made a ukulele with the specs of the Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele and spiced it up with a couple of bonus features. It looks absolutely great, and I have to admit that it sounds even better in action.

✅ Vintage aesthetics
✅ Small, light, and tremendously playable
✅ Perfect for kids and teens
✅ Excellent balance of loudness and presence
❌ Certain parts of it are flimsy
❌ A bit more expensive than average

Why I Recommend It

The signature sound of Grace VanderWaal is captured in this uke, so if you happened to like how she sounded on the USA’s most famous show, you’ll have the opportunity to sound exactly the same with this beautiful model.



Billie Eilish Signature Ukulele

  • Size: Concert
  • What’s included: Standalone ukulele
  • Material & finish: Sapele construction, black decal finish
  • Best for: Best looking Fender ukulele

As someone who has a keen eye for aesthetics, I couldn’t help but notice the Billie Eilish Signature Ukulele. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and it certainly sounds the part, having a Fishman Kula magnet system, which remarkably complements the warm-sounding sapele tonewoods.

✅ Unique aesthetics
✅ Full-bodied tone
✅ Perfect for live gigs
✅ High durability
❌ Expensive
❌ Slightly less playable than average

Why I Recommend It

I’d actually recommend Billie Eilish’s signature ukulele to anyone, regardless of whether they may be professionals, advanced players, or non-players. It’s a sight to behold, and it could create masterpieces in good hands, although I also think Fender has a few slightly more playable ukes in their catalog.



Venice Soprano Ukulele

  • Size: Soprano
  • What’s included: Standalone ukulele
  • Material & finish: Laminated basswood construction, satin finish
  • Best for: Most durable Fender ukulele

Although it may not be the best-sounding Fender ukulele, the Venice Soprano Ukulele is certainly the most robust workhorse they have to offer. It’s made of ultra-durable laminated hardwood, and it’s adorned with a gorgeous satin finish.

✅ Looks absolutely remarkable
✅ Superb durability
✅ Stays in tune for extended periods
✅ Decent amount of overtones
❌ Relatively limited sonic capabilities
❌ No accessories

Why I Recommend It

The Venice ukulele is a keeper. It can easily survive years of scratches and dings, so it should be an excellent choice either as a gift or for people who play aggressively.



Zuma Classic Concert Ukulele

  • Size: Concert
  • What’s included: Standalone ukulele
  • Material & finish: Sapele construction, gloss finish
  • Best for: Best value

Zuma Classic Concert was my first Fender ukulele, and I was positively surprised when I saw the Classic Concert reissue. Essentially, it packs the same specs and features, but it looks more modern and has slightly improved intonation.

✅ Great aesthetics
✅ Remarkable intonation
✅ Superb playability
✅ Sturdy
❌ Limited versatility
❌ Not exactly cheap

Why I Recommend It

The Zuma Classic Ukulele is my recommendation for relatively experienced ukulele players. It sounds great and looks wonderful, but more importantly, it stays in tune and offers a marvelous level of sturdiness.



Fender Ukuleles Aesthetics & Build

Every ukulele looks and feels different, and the same goes for the ones that Fender manufactures.

red ukulele on the table

Some of the main things you should keep in mind when you decide you want to buy one include:


One of the best things about Fender ukuleles is that each model features a different type of construction. After comparing each model in their catalog, I figured they typically go with abalone for the rosette, and mahogany or koa for the top, back & sides.

Certain models, such as Rincon, feature unique a tonewood called ovangkol (with the abalone rosette). Tone-wise, koa and mahogany are excellent, while basswood and laminated materials are better in terms of sturdiness.


Fender ukuleles come in a variety of finish styles, including gloss, high gloss, natural, and satin as the most prominent ones. The finish is, at least in this case, a purely aesthetic component.


In my opinion, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the color of your ukulele, as the Fender logo on the headstock will speak about its quality instead. However, if you really wish to stand out, some of their signature models are bound to grab everyone’s attention.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve touched on a many topics regarding Fender-made ukuleles. If you still have some questions, you may want to consult the user’s manual that came with your ukulele box. If you don’t have one, I’d be glad to answer them for you:

How Much Do Fender Ukuleles Cost?

Fender ukuleles are available throughout all price ranges, from entry-level, to budget, to boutique. Now, the average cost isn’t exactly representative, as certain models cost above $1,000 while their cheapest bundle is barely $100.

With that in mind, most models that aren’t on either margin cost around $250-300. In comparison to ukuleles made by other companies, I’d say that Fender ukuleles are both affordable and valuable for the buck.

What Are the Best Fender Ukuleles?

Each of the models I’ve covered in this review is best in a certain field of performance. Some are perfect for beginners, others work great for tours and gigs, and most of them are, first and foremost, great, well-crafted instruments.

fender ukulele and acoustic guitar on the table

Some of my personal favorites are:

Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele: Best for Professional Ukulele Players

The Fender Montecito Tenor is a boutique, highly-versatile ukulele that encompasses everything you should look for in a stringed instrument. It sounds gorgeous, looks vintage, and feels tremendously playable, offering you everything you need to practice, do sessions, or perform with ease.

Fender Seaside Soprano Ukulele Pack: Best for Beginners

The Seaside Soprano Pack is a value bundle that consists of a beautiful soprano ukulele, a set of extra strings, a sturdy gig bag, and an accurate clip-on tuner. This should be enough to get you started, but I mainly recommend it because it’s cheap.

Fender Rincon Tenor Ukulele: Best for Intermediate-level Players

The Rincon Tenor Ukulele is one of the most exquisite ukuleles in Fender’s arsenal. It’s made of unique tonewoods and offers a different approach to playing, which may dissuade beginners from even trying it out. If you’re at least remotely experienced, though, it should fit your skills like a glove.

Where Are Fender Ukuleles Made?

Fender operates in the United States, although they have shops scattered around the world (mostly Europe). The bulk of Fender ukuleles are manufactured in America.

What Is the Best Sounding Fender Ukulele?

In my personal opinion, Montecito is the best-sounding Fender ukulele, mainly because of its well-roundedness. Although it may not sound as loud or as big as some, its versatility allows you to shape its tone with impeccable flexibility.

Where to Buy Fender Ukuleles

Fender ukuleles are available for purchase online, in their official stores, and through certified dealers.


Amazon is the best online marketplace to shop for Fender instruments, as it offers a myriad of benefits, including various money-back guarantees, the opportunity to read reviews of people who’ve bought the item you’re looking for, and because basically everything is cheaper.

Online Music Retailers

Sweetwater and Guitar Center are excellent alternatives in case you didn’t manage to find the ukulele you were searching for on Amazon. The quality of the products these retailers sell is the same, it’s just the catalog that’s different.

Your Local Music Store

If you live in any major city in the USA, you’ll be able to find a certified Fender dealer in your vicinity. Furthermore, if you’re lucky, you may have a Fender Custom Shop nearby – these typically offer customized ukuleles.

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In Conclusion

I hope that you liked my review of the best Fender ukulele models. Let me say that I had as much fun testing them out as I hope you will when playing them for your friends, fans, and family.

Basically, Fender is a synonym for quality, so you can’t make a mistake by choosing any of the eight. However, Montecito, Rincon, and Zuma are my top three recommendations for any ukulele player.