Today on the menu we have some of the best concert ukuleles. Contrary to what you may imagine, concert ukuleles are not called as such because of their suitability for live gigs and performances (even though they actually are great for such occasions).

A concert ukulele is a couple of inches taller than a soprano ukulele, while its sound is almost just as bright. Since this is one of the most popular ukulele styles, I’ve decided to share my experiences and insight regarding everything you should know about beginner concert ukuleles.

Quick Look: Best Concert Ukuleles for Beginners

#1 Best Concert Ukulele for Beginners Overall: Kala 25C


I’ve picked 10 of the most versatile, best looking, and best performing models for your convenience.

About Concert Ukulele for Beginners

I think that the concert ukulele style is not unequivocally the best instrument for beginners, but in my opinion it’s certainly the second best. Soprano ukuleles take the prime spot because they’re much lighter and smaller, although concert-style ukuleles aren’t too different.

hawaiian concert ukulele on aged wood background

Normally, a concert ukulele has a two-inch taller fretboard while offering roughly the same scale length. It’s still an excellent choice for beginners, and what I also love about this particular ukulele type is its ability to remain useful (and enjoyable) in the long run.

Types of Concert Ukuleles for Beginners

I don’t think a sub-categorization of concert ukuleles formally exists. The “concert” is already a type of ukulele that belongs to a larger group, so the following types are what I consider to be variations of concert ukuleles.

Standard Concert Ukulele

What we refer to as a standard concert ukulele is basically a 22-inch ukulele with the typical GCEA tuning. It’s not too different from the other two types in the sense that it sounds and looks relatively similar to them.

Semi-Cutaway Concert Ukulele

Essentially, a semi-cutaway concert ukulele has a minor tweak to its design. The bottom part of its body’s top-most section (right under the fretboard) has been cut away to provide easier access to higher fret positions.

Semi-Electric Concert Ukulele

The semi-electric concert ukulele is outfitted with a built-in pickup system, allowing you to hook it up to an amplifier. It’s still acoustic by nature and offers the same performance as standard ukuleles.

10 Best Concert Ukuleles For Beginners

Right after switching over to ukulele from acoustic guitar, I tested out a couple of tremendously great concert ukuleles. I ended up buying some of them; the ones I chose to forego are excellent, but they didn’t suit my particular needs at the time.

A ukulele in a white and black with selective focus

These are my selections of the best concert ukuleles for beginners.

1. Kala KA-15C Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele

  • Frets: 18
  • Body shape: Standard concert
  • Included in the box: Gig bag, strap, Aquila strings, clip-on tuner
  • Material & finish: All-mahogany construction, satin finish
  • Best for: Best ukulele for beginners overall

To anyone who wants to get the biggest bang for their buck, I recommend Kala KA 15C. First and foremost, it’s made of premium-quality mahogany that brings a massive sustain and a lovable, highly versatile tone to the table.

On top of that, the kit’s supplied with a plethora of high-quality accessories, including a nylon carry bag, a sturdy strap, Aquila Nylgut replacement strings, and a clip-on tuner.

✅ Wonderful sound
✅ Excellent action and intonation
✅ Supplied with top-tier accessories
✅ Stays in tune for extended periods
❌ Fairly pricey
❌ Budget tuner

Why I Recommend It

The KA 15C is the perfect starter concert uke for many reasons. Its sturdiness matches its tremendous sonic performance, and it may even sound a bit better when you restring it with an Aquila Nylgut set.

Even though it may cost a bit more than you’d expect, it offers phenomenal value for the buck due to its exceptional sound quality and robustness.



2. Strong Wind Concert Ukulele

  • Frets: 18
  • Body shape: Standard concert
  • Included in the box: Strong Wind nylon bag
  • Material & finish: All-mahogany construction
  • Best for: Best beginner concert ukulele for beginners

When compared to Kala’s KA 15C, the Strong Wind Concert Ukulele offers a relatively similar level of performance and sturdiness while being drastically more affordable. Its neck is a bit taller (one inch, to be precise), although it doesn’t include as many accessories.

✅ Highly affordable
✅ Robust mahogany construction
✅ Excellent sound quality
✅ Remarkably playable neck
❌ Offers just a couple of extra accessories
❌ Taller than average

Why I Recommend It

In a nutshell, Strong Wind’s concert ukulele is made of high-quality mahogany. It sounds awesome, and it looks and feels expensive. The thing is that it’s actually decently affordable and offers many more benefits in comparison to most similarly priced concert ukuleles.



3. WINZZ Concert Ukulele

  • Frets: 18
  • Body shape: Standard concert
  • Included in the box: Padded gig bag, online lessons, Aquila Super Nylgut strings, strap, polishing cloth
  • Material & finish: Linden plywood construction, spray-painted finish
  • Best for: Best intermediate concert ukulele for beginners

I’d recommend Winzz concert ukuleles to beginners with a decent degree of skills, since they offer a more durable body than most entry-level models. Its spray-paint finish looks marvelous, and the plethora of accessories included in the kit further adds to its value.

✅ Beautiful aesthetics
✅ Phenomenal playability
✅ Built to withstand years of use
✅ High-quality accessories
❌ Slightly inferior sound quality
❌ Prone to knocks and dings

Why I Recommend It

Winzz’s concert uke reigns supreme in the field of durability. The accessories it’s supplied with are also exceptional, although its sound quality leaves a bit of room for improvement. Linden plywood, though, feels pretty good and offers unparalleled sturdiness.



4. Flight Elise Ecklund Signature Ukulele

  • Frets: 17
  • Body shape: Standard concert
  • Included in the box: Flight bag
  • Material & finish: Mahogany construction, hand-drawn custom graphic finish
  • Best for: Best professional concert ukulele for beginners

Most signature models are designed by professionals for professionals, and it’s the same story with Flight 5827. Flight Elise Ecklund is a robust ukulele designed to endure years of extensive practice, and I daresay its sound quality is absolutely massive.

✅ Superb sonic performance
✅ Sturdy mahogany construction
✅ Custom finish
✅ High-quality gig bag
❌ Expensive
❌ No additional accessories

Why I Recommend It

If you’re bent on mastering your ukulele-playing skills, I warmly recommend using Flight’s 5827. Its design is remarkable in more ways than one, and there are perhaps just a few ukuleles in this price range that sound nearly as good.



5. Kmise KMU23C Ukulele Kit

  • Frets: 18
  • Body shape: Standard concert
  • Included in the box: Clip-on tuner, gig bag, replacement strings, strap
  • Material & finish: Mahogany construction, natural finish
  • Best for: Best cheap concert ukulele for beginners

Students who are low on cash may want to check out what the Kmise KMU23C Ukulele Kit has to offer. Even though it’s cheap, it sounds wonderful and is laden with high-quality accessories, including a tuner, a carry bag, a set of replacement strings, and a decently robust strap.

✅ High-quality accessories
✅ Decently sturdy
✅ Stays in tune well
✅ Good sustain
❌ Sounds like an average ukulele
❌ High initial action

Why I Recommend It

Basically, this ukulele kit offers great accessories and a decent instrument in a bundle that’s fairly affordable. I’d recommend it to anyone who may be on a cash-strapped budget.


6. Cordoba 28C Concert Ukulele

  • Frets: 18
  • Body shape: Standard concert
  • Included in the box: Standalone ukulele
  • Material & finish: Hawaiian koa construction, natural finish
  • Best for: Best concert ukulele for beginners under $1,000

Koa-made ukuleles resemble the originals in terms of both sound and aesthetics. Cordoba 28C is made of delicately refined Koa, and I have no doubt that it’s one of the best-sounding concert ukuleles ever made. Even though it’s expensive, it excels in practically all fields of performance.

✅ Unparalleled sound quality
✅ Beautiful and sturdy
✅ Lightweight
✅ Perfect intonation
❌ Fairly expensive
❌ No extra accessories

Why I Recommend It

I’d warmly recommend Cordoba’s 28C to anyone looking for a serious, great-sounding concert ukulele. It’s made of one of the finest koa woods available, and you’d have a hard time finding a more valuable high-end uke.


7. Cordoba 15CFM Sapphire Blue Flamed Mahogany Concert Ukulele

  • Frets: 18
  • Body shape: Standard concert
  • Included in the box: Standalone ukulele
  • Material & finish: Flamed mahogany construction, spray-painted finish
  • Best for: Best concert ukulele for beginners under $500

The Cordoba 15CFM is my runner-up pick for the high-end concert ukulele category. It resembles the 28C, although its sonic performance isn’t exactly on the same level.

Nevertheless, this is a wonderful professional instrument that offers much in terms of playability, sound quality, and robustness.

✅ Beautiful aesthetics
✅ Built to last
✅ Remarkable sound quality
✅ Affordable for a high-end ukulele
❌ No accessories
❌ Stock strings may not sound so great

Why I Recommend It

Cordoba is famous for manufacturing high-tier ukuleles, and 15CFM is easily one of their better boutique models. If you’re looking for a versatile, well-rounded instrument but don’t feel comfortable paying an arm and a leg for it, I recommend checking out Cordoba.


8. Enya Nova U Carbon Fiber Ukulele

  • Frets: 18
  • Body shape: Single-cutaway travel ukulele
  • Included in the box: Gig bag, cap, strap
  • Material & finish: Carbon construction, spray-painted finish
  • Best for: Best single cutaway concert ukulele for beginners

The “U” in Nova U should (if it doesn’t already) stand for “Unique.” Enya Nova U Carbon Fiber Ukulele is packed with a ton of exquisite features, but the main reason why I’ve picked it for this review is its lightweight, durable body.

It’s made of composite polycarbonate (carbon) that’s actually waterproof and remarkably easy to clean. Even though it sounds a bit peculiar, it’s one of the wildest and strangest single cutaways I’ve had the pleasure of playing.

✅ Unique construction and design
✅ Waterproof and simple to maintain
✅ Lightweight
✅ Excellent playability
❌ Its sound may not appeal to everyone
❌ Relatively flimsy

Why I Recommend It

Enya’s U concert uke is unparalleled in terms of portability. It’s both lighter and smaller than an average concert uke, and to top it all off, it boasts a unique design and is fully waterproof.


9. Kadence Mahogany Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele

  • Frets: 15
  • Body shape: Electric-acoustic concert ukulele
  • Included in the box: Clip-on tuner, gig bag
  • Material & finish: Mahogany construction, gloss finish
  • Best for: Best semi-electric concert ukulele for beginners

In essence, the Kadence Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele kit is a pretty versatile one considering how affordable it is. The uke itself is made of quality mahogany, and its accessories include a padded nylon bag and a highly accurate clip-on tuner.

✅ Remarkably cheap
✅ Quality pickups
✅ Vibrant, rich sound
✅ Decently durable
❌ Requires frequent maintenance
❌ Potential problems with intonation

Why I Recommend It

When I was starting out as a ukulele player, I always thought that the model I was playing at the time was too quiet. Having an acoustic-electric can easily solve this problem, especially if it’s as well-built and cheap as Kadence’s concert ukulele model.



10. Flight Designer Series DUC323 MAH

  • Frets: 18
  • Body shape: Standard concert
  • Included in the box: Standalone ukulele
  • Material & finish: Mahogany top & body, okoume neck, ABS binding
  • Best for: A well-rounded, affordable option for beginners

The Flight Designer Series DUC323 MAH is, in my humble opinion, Flight’s finest flagship. It’s made of a variety of exotic tonewoods and its sound is exquisite in every way imaginable. Its sturdiness is as impressive as its playability and intonation.

✅ Premium blend of diverse tonewoods
✅ Tremendous sound quality
✅ Excellent durability
✅ High-quality hardware
❌ Expensive
❌ No extra accessories are included

Why I Recommend It

Flight’s DUC323 MAH is an excellent choice for adult beginners who’ve had some experience with acoustic instruments. Because of its massive sound and a remarkable durable body, I’d argue that it’s one of the best concert ukuleles for beginners.



Best Concert Ukulele Brands for Beginners

Bigger brands mainly focus on their flagship models, but most of them have a beginner (or student) series of great starter ukuleles.

musician with ukulele for beginners

However, underdog companies and less renowned names offer a slightly more versatile catalog of beginner ukuleles. Here’s my take on some of the most prominent names in the industry:


Kala is new blood on the ukulele market. They offer a magnificent selection of beginner ukuleles, with the most notable package being the Learn to Play ukulele bundle. However, this is a soprano pack, not a concert ukulele kit.

Even so, they bring a variety of high-quality beginner ukuleles to the table, and I warmly recommend starting your search there.

Strong Wind

Strong Wind is decently famous among acoustic guitar and ukulele players. They offer beginner and cheap stringed instruments exclusively, so I recommend checking out their catalog if you’re looking for an affordable beginner concert uke.


Although Flight isn’t as famous as Cordoba or Kala, their selection of ukuleles is beyond formidable. This company is held in high regard by music enthusiasts due to the fact that their instruments are well-built, well-designed, and some of the best-sounding models in the low to mid-tier price ranges.


Enya offers unique styles and designs. The main reason why I like them so much is their ingenuity when it comes to ukulele aesthetics. They produce some of the finest-looking ukuleles, but they don’t lag too far behind in terms of sonic performance or durability either.


From sopranino to baritones, you’ll be able to find a myriad of high-quality ukes in the Kadence store. As a matter of fact, they specialize in manufacturing concert-size ukes, so if you’re looking for a quality mid-range model, I suggest you check them out.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Concert Ukulele

Picking the right beginner concert ukulele should be a breeze after understanding the things that separate some of the finest models from mediocre and outright bad ones.

Concert Ukulele

This section is dedicated to precisely that. When choosing your concert ukulele, take into account your level of expertise and experience, the ukulele design, its aesthetics, and finally its price.

Level of Experience

Essentially, the category of beginner concert ukuleles can be broken down into three smaller ones.

The first is “immediate beginner,” which correlates to people who have no experience with instruments whatsoever.

The second group is “intermediate beginner,” people who know the very basics and actually can play a note or two.

I’ve labeled the last group as “pro concert ukuleles for beginners.” Essentially, even if you aren’t exactly a professional (yet), it shouldn’t stop you from having a quality instrument in your hands.

What I refer to as “keepers” (instruments you’ll use for decades) offer the most value for the buck, but they’re also the most expensive models out there.

Beginner Concert Ukuleles

As an immediate beginner in the ukulele world, you probably won’t be able to notice the small differences in sound. Beginners also tend to be a bit gentler to their ukuleles, so durability doesn’t necessarily need to be a number one priority.

Instead, focus on playability and price. A playable ukulele features a sleek, soft neck, relatively wide frets, and a relatively low action.

Intermediate Concert Ukuleles for Beginners

Intermediate beginners typically know a thing or two about а ukulele’s tone, which in my opinion is the most important aspect of any ukulele. However, if you happen to find a model that offers similar features and tonewoods at a more affordable price, go for it.

As a beginner you may want to avoid making unnecessary investments. It’s better to focus on learning about features of a ukulele, how it reacts to different techniques, and figuring out the relationships between the tonewoods.

Pro Concert Ukuleles for Beginners

If you’ve set your sights on becoming a good player, my advice is to pick a quality concert ukulele from the get-go. Consider putting a bit more cash aside for a well-balanced model that excels in sonic performance, durability, and playability while foregoing affordability.


Concert ukuleles are roughly the same size in terms of overall length, which is normally 22 inches.

Deviations are possible but seldom exceed one inch. The main difference between different models is in the actual dimensions – cutaway models lack a portion of the body while electric-acoustic models have some extras.


This is one of the most important aspects of a good concert ukulele. Regardless of your skill level, the level of durability a uke has to offer ultimately determines its usability. Flimsy ukuleles are failed investments that either end up racking up high repair expenses or landing in a trash can. In order to figure out how sturdy a ukulele is, all you need to do is simply take a look at the tonewoods it’s made of.

Ebony, maple, and eastern mahogany are some of the most robust tonewoods used in the construction process of a quality ukulele, alongside the traditional koa wood. On another hand, you should avoid composite and ABS-made ukuleles. Even though they’re sturdy, they don’t amount to much in terms of sound quality.

The Overall Tone & Sound

Many players find that a good-sounding ukulele inspires them to play more frequently and actually enjoy it more than a bland-sounding instrument. I completely agree with this statement and would add little to it other than the fact that the tone is largely in the player’s fingers as well.

While you can’t influence the latter (as it’s in your DNA), you can pick and choose the former. Quality tonewoods I’ve mentioned earlier are not only sturdy, but they’re also renowned for their exceptional tonal characteristics.


Standalone beginner ukuleles are generally fairly cheap. However, beginner concert ukulele kits and bundles are sometimes as expensive as intermediate ukuleles (as standalone models).

Personally, I’d recommend a ukulele bundle, especially if you don’t already own any ukulele accessories. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how much cash you’re willing to spend.

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In Conclusion

The versatility of tenors and the convenience of soprano ukuleles, when blended together, can be found in a concert ukulele. It’s easy to imagine why you’d want one – they’re well-rounded and offer a distinct yet highly controllable tone.

In case you don’t know exactly what to expect out of a concert ukulele, feel free to return to this buying guide. It also contains helpful info regarding the criteria I used to evaluate the models I’ve reviewed.

In brief, a quality concert ukulele should offer high playability, a rich sound with plenty of acoustics and sustain, a sturdy body, and last but not least, an approachable price tag.