Your electric or acoustic guitar needs protection. Sometimes when you purchase a guitar, you don’t get a case or a gig bag with the instrument. This guide looks at the best guitar cases and best gig bags for your guitar.

This guide to guitar cases and guitar gig bags will help you find something for your new musical instrument. As a guitar player myself, I prefer hardshell cases, but gig bags can be beneficial too.

Quick Look: 10 Best Guitar Cases and Gig Bags

#1 Best Guitar Case Overall: Fender Molded Electric Guitar


The main reason I like the hardshell case is it offers solid protection for your instrument. For example, my Fender Stratocaster is in a hardshell case. Gig bags are great investments if you go to lessons all the time and need portability.

What Is a Guitar Case?

A guitar case allows you to protect your instrument from damage. They’re either hardshell molded plastic or they’re made out of nylon or other durable materials. You want to keep your expensive instruments free from damage, so you need a proper case.

Most cases also have accessory pockets where you can store picks, cables, guitar strings, and other small items. If you’re traveling, you’ll want a hardshell case to protect your guitar.

A guitar case on the ground

Some cases come with locks, which you might want if you have an extremely valuable instrument. These cases are usually the most expensive. You’ll have to decide whether you want a lock or not.

Types of Guitar Cases

There are several different types of guitar cases. It’s important to get the right case for your instrument. For example, you can’t fit an acoustic guitar in an electric guitar case. You need the right size and fit for your instrument.

Electric Guitar Case

The first type of case is for electric guitars. The case you end up using will depend upon the shape of your instrument. Some cases are molded to certain guitar sizes, while others are universal in size.

Acoustic Guitar Case

An acoustic guitar case is designed for acoustic instruments. These cases can be hardshell or a softer gig bag style. It’s better to use a hardshell case as it offers more protection for the guitar.

Bass Guitar Case

A bass guitar case is designed for 4-string bass guitars. These are longer than a regular guitar case, and it’s best to get a hardshell case for a bass guitar.

Soft Guitar Case

A soft case is often called a gig bag. These are portable with shoulder straps, and they have pockets that make it easy to take your guitar to lessons or a gig. The downside is that they offer less protection than a hardshell case.

Hard Guitar Case

A hardshell case is made with solid plastic and offers the best protection. They often come with locks and have an accessory pocket inside. Some of them are suitable for flights.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Guitar Case

Before you purchase a guitar case, there are a few things to consider. Here’s a rundown of what you want to look for.

  • Brand: Try to go with a brand name, as their cases are built to a high quality. Many guitar manufacturers also offer cases for their instruments.
  • Quality: Buy a case that is made to a high quality. You want the maximum amount of protection for your guitar, so get a high-quality case.
  • Price: Have an idea of how much money you wish to spend on your guitar case. They come in various price ranges. The expensive ones are built to a higher quality.
  • Use: What you plan to use the case for should be a factor. For example, if you go back and forth to lessons, a softshell case makes transport easier. If you want to store the guitar, a hardshell case is best.


There are several sizes of guitar cases. The size of your instrument determines the size you buy. Some guitar shapes require special cases, such as a Les Paul shape, which is thicker than a regular Strat-style body.

Make sure you get a case that fits your guitar. Check to ensure that the case you’re buying is the right fit for your instrument. There are special cases for odd-shaped guitars, so make sure you order the right one.


All guitar cases offer some protection. A softshell case tends to have light foam padding inside and a soft nylon outer shell. A hardshell case has solid molded plastic and a velvet-like interior to protect the guitar from scratches.

Hardshell cases tend to offer better protection but don’t have the portability of a gig bag. If you plan to store your guitar for a long time, a hardshell case is best. If you have frequent lessons, you may also want a good gig bag.


There are several different price ranges for guitar cases. In general, expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a guitar case. Here’s a breakdown of the price ranges you should expect to pay:

  • Electric guitars: $75-$250+
  • Acoustic guitars: $75-$250+
  • Bass guitars: $50-$250+
  • Softshell cases: $50-$125+
  • Hardshell cases: $75-$250+

10 Best Guitar Cases

These 10 best guitars cases are top choices whether you have an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. You’ll find excellent hardshell as well as softshell cases on this list.

1. Gator Molded Electric Guitar Case

  • Size: 16 x 5.75 x49.5″
  • Weight: 9.68 lbs
  • What’s included: Guitar case
  • Material & finish: ABS plastic, foam interior, aluminum latches
  • Best for: Those that require a basic hardshell case for their electric guitar

I like the Gator Molded Electric Guitar Case. Several of my guitars are protected by their products. This hardshell case is well designed, and I’ve never had an issue with it. You get solid protection, which makes it one of the best cheap cases for guitars.

✅ Hardshell
✅ Good latches
✅ Soft interior
✅ Good price
❌ No lock
❌ Accessory pocket could be bigger

Why I Recommend It

The Gator ABS case is made of tough plastic. It has good protection for your guitar, and you get it for a reasonable price. I like the soft interior, which protects your guitar from scratches.



2. Crossrock Semi-Hollow Case

  • Size: 46 x 7 x 20″
  • Weight: 10.33 lbs
  • What’s included: Guitar case
  • Material & finish: Tweed PVC, velvet interior, foam padding, gold latches
  • Best for: Guitar players with a semi-hollow guitar

The Crosswalk Semi-Hollow Case is ideal if you have a semi-hollow guitar, as you can’t put one of these in a regular guitar case. This model has good hinges and a nice interior to protect your valuable guitar.

✅ Nice interior
✅ Vintage look
✅ Solid handle and latches
✅ Good price
❌ The accessory compartment is small
❌ No lock

Why I Recommend It

If you have a semi-hollow guitar and a modest budget, the Crossrock Semi-Hollow case is ideal. It offers great protection and a vintage look that you’re sure to love.



3. Fender Molded Electric Guitar Case

  • Size: 44.5 x 18.5 x 6″
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • What’s included: Guitar case, key
  • Material & finish: ATA military-grade molded hard plastic, rubberized feet, soft interior
  • Best for: Strat/Tele players that want a superior case for their guitar

I have a Fender Molded Case for my Stratocaster HSS. This case offers great protection with a solid hard plastic shell. Your guitar gets the protection it deserves, which makes this one of the top cases for Strat-style guitars.

✅ Tough outer shell
✅ Locking mechanism
✅ Solid latches
✅ Soft interior
❌ Expensive
❌ Only holds Strat-style guitars

Why I Recommend It

The case is solid enough to travel on an airline, and the locking latch is TSA approved. I’ve never had an issue with my case, and I’m glad I have one for my Stratocaster.



4. Gator 6-String Acoustic Guitar Case

  • Size: 45 x 18.25 x 6.5″
  • Weight: 9.95 lbs
  • What’s included: Guitar case
  • Material & finish: Molded plastic, velvet interior
  • Best for: Those that want reliable protection for their acoustic guitar

Gator makes good cases for guitars. I like this model as it offers excellent protection for your acoustic guitar. The Gator 6-String Acoustic Guitar Case features a solid construction, and it’s the right choice for your dreadnought guitar.

✅ Hardshell case
✅ Good latches
✅ Velvet interior
✅ Accessory pouch
❌ The exterior fabric could be better
❌ The handle needs a bit more stability

Why I Recommend It

This case offers decent protection for an acoustic guitar. It holds most of the popular acoustic guitars produced by the major manufacturers. The interior is soft and supportive for your guitar.



5. Fender Gig Bag Case for Acoustic Guitars

  • Size: 45.4 x 18.25 x 6.5″
  • Weight: 8.22 lbs
  • What’s included: Gig bag
  • Material & finish: Nylon, TPE foam, PVC board
  • Best for: Those that need reliable protection for their acoustic guitar

The Fender Gig Bag offers a little more than the standard case. I like the neck cradle inside, which protects the neck from movement. This case has an outside pocket for papers or other small accessories.

✅ Accessory pouch
✅ Shoulder straps
✅ Neck cradle inside
✅ Solid construction
❌ A bit expansive
❌ The zipper could be better

Why I Recommend It

This Fender case is one of the best guitar gig bags on the market. I like the good protection it offers and the shoulder straps so you can carry your guitar to lessons with ease.



6. Cordoba HumiCase for Acoustic Guitars

  • Size: 46 x 18 x 8″
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • What’s included: Case
  • Material & finish: Plywood shell, nylon
  • Best for: Acoustic guitar players that want a humidifier for their guitar

The Cordoba HumiCase has a built-in humidifier to protect your valuable acoustic guitar from moisture damage. It has great outside as well as inside protection for your guitar.

✅ Inside humidifier
✅ Hardshell protection
✅ Solid handle
✅ Velvet interior
❌ Limited room inside
❌ Small accessory pouch

Why I Recommend It

The Cordoba Humicase comes with a built-in humidifier. The handle and latches are secure, and it has a nice velvet lining inside. This offers solid protection for a dreadnought or classical guitar.



7. Crossrock Air Flight Acoustic Guitar Case

  • Size: 47.6 x 9.1 x 19.3″
  • Weight: 12.1 lbs
  • What’s included: Guitar case, key
  • Material & finish: Carbon fiber, leather, Dupont nylon
  • Best for: Those that need to travel with an acoustic guitar

The Crossrock Air Flight case is the right choice for a flight. It’s made from durable carbon fiber to protect your valuable guitar. The case also features heavy-duty shoulder straps to help you carry your instrument through the airport.

✅ Solid protection
✅ TSA lock
✅ Good latches
✅ Backpack straps
❌ Expensive
❌A bit cumbersome to carry

Why I Recommend It

The Crossrock Air Flight case is ideal for travelers. You get superior protection for your instrument. I like the heavy-duty latches and the TSA approved lock, so you know your guitar is safe while you’re traveling.



8. CAHAYA Waterproof Acoustic Guitar Case

  • Size: 44 x 17 x 8″
  • Weight: 5.09 lbs
  • What’s included: Guitar case
  • Material & finish: Foam padding, PU leather surface, padded interior
  • Best for: Those that want waterproof protection for their acoustic guitar and easy portability

The CAHAYA Waterproof guitar case offers a lot of protection for your acoustic guitar. I like the large shoulder straps and the big outside and inside accessory pouches. The case is well made and has a great big handle for easy portability.

✅ Lightweight
✅ Neck cradle
✅ Solid shoulder straps
✅ Large handle
❌ It may be too big for some
❌A bit expensive

Why I Recommend It

This case offers solid and reliable protection. It has more than enough room for all of your accessories. The case is well built with a solid handle and zipper. Your guitar is well protected with this case.



9. Gator ABS Molded Bass Guitar Case

  • Size: 16 x 5.75 x 49.5″
  • Weight: 9.68 lbs
  • What’s included: Bass guitar case
  • Material & finish: ABS plastic, velvet interior
  • Best for: Those that need a solid and reliable bass guitar case

The Gator ABS Bass Guitar Case offers solid protection for any bass guitar. It has a nice storage compartment inside for your bass accessories, such as cables and picks. It even has enough room for a pedal or two.

✅ ABS plastic
✅ Good handle
✅ Velvet interior
✅ Accessory compartment
❌ No lock
❌ No cover for accessory compartment

Why I Recommend It

The Gator ABS Bass Guitar Case is an outstanding investment for any bass guitar player. I like the solid handle, good accessory pouch, and overall great protection that this case provides.



10. CAHAYA Bass Guitar Gig Bag

  • Size: 12.13 x 11.38 x 5.87″
  • Weight: 1.54lbs
  • What’s included: Bass guitar gig bag
  • Material & finish: Nylon, rubber, metal zippers
  • Best for: Bass players that want a portable bag for their instrument

The CAHAYA Bass Guitar Gig Bag is a lightweight basic bass guitar case. It features shoulder straps so you can take it with you. It comes in at a low price, so it’s perfect for beginners who need a reliable bass case to go to lessons with.

✅ Accessory pocket
✅ Shoulder straps
✅ Solid construction
✅ Low price
❌ Not as sturdy as some cases
❌ The zipper could be better

Why I Recommend It

The CAHAYA Bass Guitar Gig Bag is a basic case for your instrument. It offers reliable protection at an affordable price. This is the perfect case to take with you to lessons.



Best Guitar Case Brands

This list of the best guitar case brands should help you find a solid company to deal with. These manufacturers offer the best cases on the market for your instruments.

A beautiful classical guitar in a box


Fender makes great guitars, and they also have a wide range of excellent cases. They offer superior protection for your guitars and basses. Fender has been in business since 1946, so they’re a reliable company to work with.

Gator Cases

Gator has been in operation since 2000. I’ve used this company before for my electric guitars. They have a wide range of cases for your musical instruments, and their products are reliable.


This company started in 1997 and makes a series of cases for musical instruments. Your valuable investment is well protected with one of these superior cases.


This company makes softshell gig bag style cases for guitars as well as other musical instruments. Their gig bags feature shoulder straps for easy portability.

Prorock Gear

This company makes a wide range of basic cases for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. They have music experience that dates back to the 1970s, as the owner is one of the founders of Kramer guitars.

Guitar Case Aesthetics & Build

Several factors go into the build and look of a guitar case. Here are the main points that you need to consider before you buy a case.


There are several materials used in the construction of guitar and bass cases. Here are the basics that you need to know before you buy.

  • ABS plastic: This is tough and durable molded plastic. You find this often in hardshell cases, and it provides excellent protection.
  • Regular plastic: Cheaper cases may be made with regular hard plastic. It provides good protection, but not as much as ABS.
  • Nylon: Gig bags are often made with nylon, which is durable but doesn’t offer the protection of harder plastics.
  • Leather: Some cases may have leather handles and straps, but it’s not used as often as ABS plastic now.
  • Metal: Zippers and latches are made from aluminum or similar materials.
  • Foam: Most cases have some sort of foam layering to provide impact resistance.

Latches and Zippers

A case with good latches is ideal if possible. Zippers are fine, but they can catch and make it hard to open your case. I prefer a good latch system. You may also want a case with a locking mechanism if you travel.

Accessory Pouches

It’s ideal to have a case with an inside or outside accessory pouch. This makes it easy to carry guitar picks, strings, cables, music books, and so on. Make sure you get a case that can hold your accessories.

Shoulder Straps

Some cases come with shoulder straps. This is ideal if you’re going back and forth to lessons. Most gig bags offer this feature. Make sure the straps are secure and durable before you buy.

Neck Cradle

The neck cradle is inside the case. This supports the guitar neck to keep it stable. Not all cases have this feature. You won’t find it in most gig bags. You may want a hard case if you prefer keeping your guitar as stable as possible.

Buying New vs Used

Try to buy your guitar case new. Older cases tend to have a lot of wear and may have poor zippers or loose latches. A new case will last you a lot longer than a used one. If you buy a used guitar, you might want to replace the older case.


When you buy a guitar case, you might want to pick up a few extras to go along with the case. A lot of these will fit inside the case’s accessory pouch or compartment.

  • Picks
  • Extra strings
  • Staff paper
  • Guitar cloth
  • Adjustment wrenches
  • Guitar cable
  • Peg winder
  • Wire cutters

Guitar Case Brands to Avoid

Try to go with brand name cases if possible. If your guitar manufacturer has cases available, like Fender, go with that. Avoid no-name brands as they tend to sell inferior products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is a list of commonly asked questions about guitars cases that you should know about.

How Much Do Guitar Cases Cost?

There’s a wide range of prices for a guitar case. The good news is that you can get a good case for not a whole lot of money. Here are some average prices:

  • Electric guitars: $75-$250+
  • Acoustic guitars: $75-$250+
  • Bass guitars: $50-$250+
  • Softshell cases: $50-$125+
  • Hardshell cases: $75-$250+

Who Makes the Best Guitar Cases?

My favorite case brand is Gator. They have a wide range of cases for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. These cases are well made, and I’ve never had a problem with any Gator case I’ve owned.

I’m also a fan of Fender cases, as they have a great molded case for Strat and Tele style guitars. Your guitar manufacturer may have a case available for your instrument, so check if they do.

What Do People Keep in Guitar Cases?

Here are a few things that people keep in their guitar case besides their instrument.

  • Extra strings
  • Picks
  • Peg winder
  • Guitar tools like wire cutters
  • Music paper
  • Slide and a capo
  • Tuner
  • Metronome

What Are the Best Guitar Cases?

Here are my top choices for guitar cases and guitar gig bags. These are all excellent products that will give your guitar the protection that it needs.

Crossrock Air Flight: Best for Acoustic Guitars

I like the Crossrock Air Flight for acoustic guitars. This case offers slim carbon fiber protection, and it has a TSA lock, a solid handle, and backpack straps. It offers the maximum protection for acoustics for when you’re traveling.

Fender Molded Electric Case: Best for Electric Guitars

I love the Fender molded case. It’s ideal for Strat and Tele style bodies. The case features hard ABS plastic for maximum protection. It has  TSA approved lock and lots of room inside. The accessory compartment is also quite big.

CAHAYA Waterproof Guitar Case: Best for Those on the Go

The CAHAYA waterproof case is an excellent acoustic guitar gig bag. It has solid backpack straps, a great handle, and plenty of room inside for your guitar. I like the large outside accessory pouch.

Where Are the Best Guitar Cases Made?

Most of the best guitars cases are made in the United States. Your guitar manufacturer may also have their own cases for their instruments, such as Fender.

Where to Buy Guitar Cases

There are a few places where you can buy gig bags and guitars cases. Here’s a list of places that I recommend you get your guitar case from.


Amazon is your best bet, as they have a wide selection with good prices. I like reading customer reviews before buying, and they have fast shipping as well as solid guarantees.

Online Music Retailers

Sweetwater and Guitar Center are two top online alternatives to Amazon where you can purchase guitar cases and guitar gig bags. Both retailers have a wide selection, customer reviews, and solid guarantees.

Your Local Music Store

Your music store will have some guitar cases in stock. Make sure you know the make and model of your guitar to ensure a proper fit. Take your guitar with you to be sure before you buy.

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