Are you looking for the best microphones for acoustic guitar recording? Recording electric guitars is fairly easy, but it can be problematic when you want to record an acoustic guitar.

I played both electric and acoustic guitar for many years. I had a lot of fun experimenting with different microphones when I was recording my own acoustic guitar. It can be a bit of a learning process.

Here are some selections for microphones for your next recording session. These will help you get the best sound while recording, so your acoustic guitar sounds great in the mix.

Quick Look: Best Microphones for Acoustic Guitar Recording

#1 Best Acoustic Guitar Microphone Overall: Shure SM7B


Please note that it can take some experimenting with microphones until you find something that will work for what you need. Don’t be afraid to try several microphones until you find one that meets your preferences.

What Is an Acoustic Guitar Microphone?

An acoustic guitar microphone is simply a microphone that allows you to record your acoustic guitar. You want a microphone that can pick up the delicate sound of an acoustic guitar, so you get the best recording possible.

best acoustic guitar microphone

A lot of different products on the market can help you record your acoustic guitar. This can be done by the traditional method by miking your guitar and the acoustic guitar amplifier, or you can use a computer and an audio interface.

Types of Acoustic Guitar Microphones

Here are the major types of acoustic guitar microphones that you should know about. This guide will help you pick the best microphones for acoustic guitar recording.

Moving Coil Microphone

This is often called a dynamic microphone. This type is often used on the stage because it’s easy to use. It’s also the perfect mic for recording. It can capture the natural tones of an acoustic guitar.

Condenser Microphone

This is often the preferred choice for recording acoustic guitars. They’re sensitive and have a great frequency response. When you record with a condenser microphone, you get a great tone.

Ribbon Microphone

This was one of the first high-quality microphones used for recording. They produce a great tone when recording with them. On the downside, they’re a little bit fragile.

USB/Digital Microphone

A USB/digital microphone is one that you can use with your computer. This makes it simple to record your acoustic guitar by using whatever software programs you like, such as a digital audio workstation or DAW.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Acoustic Guitar Microphone

There are some things you need to consider before recording with an acoustic microphone. Here is what you should be thinking about before making your purchase.

What You Are Recording

If you’re just fiddling around with your acoustic guitar, you probably don’t need a high-quality microphone. If you plan to do some serious recording, then you probably want the best microphone possible.

If you plan to do serious recording, you should probably mic your guitar and amplifier. If you just want to experiment, you can always plug it into your computer and use an audio interface with a USB microphone.

The Room

The room where you record is a big part of the recording process. Your acoustic guitar will sound best if you go to a proper studio. You might not get the best results in your bedroom.

Try to limit the amount of noise that you have in the room. You don’t want other devices such as televisions, computers, or other electronics on when you record. The microphone may pick up these sounds.

Mic Placement

The placement of your microphone with your acoustic guitar can make a big impact on the recording process. Here are ten of the best ways to place a microphone with your acoustic guitar that should help you out.

Types of Microphone

The easiest way to begin recording is to use a condenser microphone. This will probably give you the best results. If you’re new to recording, I suggest buying a condenser and trying that first before using anything else.

Another option is a USB-style microphone which connects to your computer and allows for some easy recording. You could do this with your phone to create a YouTube video, for example.


You’ll probably have to spend a generous amount of money for a decent microphone for recording your acoustic guitar. Here are some price ranges you can expect to pay.

  • Basic mic: $50-$100
  • Intermediate: $100-$300
  • Advanced: $300+

In general, try to spend as much as you can on your microphone if you want to do any serious recording. A low-quality microphone will not give you the sound you want, and you’ll end up frustrated with the results.

10 Best Acoustic Guitar Microphones

Here’s a list of the 10 best acoustic guitar microphones for recording. It should help you find something that works for what you want to do.

best acoustic guitar microphone inside the recording studio

You may need to experiment with microphones a little bit for the best results.

1. Ik Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage Microphone

  • Type: Digital microphone
  • What’s included: Microphone, preamp
  • Extras: Batteries, cables
  • Best for: Beginners looking for easy recording

The IK Multimedia iRig acoustic stage microphone is the perfect solution for playing on stage or recording at home. It’s an easy-to-use system. There are four different variations on the device to get the sound that you want.

✅ Easy recording
✅ Low price
✅ Feedback elimination
✅ Stage or studio use
❌ Not for pros
❌ Can be hard to setup

Why I Recommend It

I like the IK Multimedia iRig because it’s an easy system for beginners to use. You don’t have to worry that much about mic placement, and you can start recording right away. It’s an easy system to use for computer recording.

The system has a nice feedback eliminator, so you can reduce feedback while recording. It’s simple to calibrate the system to work with your acoustic guitar. The microphone clips easily onto your acoustic guitar.



2. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

  • Type: USB/digital microphone
  • What’s included: Microphone, stand
  • Extras: USB cables
  • Best for: Beginner/intermediate players looking to record via computer

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is a simple microphone to use for recording or broadcasting. It’s easy to use if you plan to record your acoustic guitar for YouTube videos or do some simple recording at home.

✅ Good price
✅ Simple operation
✅ Different pickup patterns
✅ Easy to position
❌ Not ideal for pro recording
❌ May not work with your software

Why I Recommend It

I have a version of the Blue Yeti at home myself. This is a simple microphone to use to do some basic recording. While you probably won’t get a studio-quality recording, it does a pretty decent job.

I like the fact that it has four different pickup patterns for various recording situations. This is one of the cheap microphones for recording acoustic guitar, and it’s fairly easy for a beginner to use.



3. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

  • Type: Cardioid dynamic
  • What’s included: Microphone
  • Extras: Detachable windscreen/mounting bracket
  • Best for: Those looking to do serious recording

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic microphones set the standard for recording music. This model has an excellent frequency response for crystal clear recording. It has great shielding for less hum while recording sensitive acoustic instruments.

✅ Detachable windscreen
✅ Great frequency response
✅ Pop filter
✅ Mounting bracket
❌ A bit expensive
❌ Needs a proper mic stand

Why I Recommend It

If you want to do serious recording, you should use a Shure microphone such as the SM7B. It’s the perfect microphone for recording both your vocals along with your acoustic instruments. You’ll get an excellent recorded sound.

This mic has a greater frequency response as well as a built-in pop filter to reduce unwanted noise. It has shielding against other devices that are nearby such as computers, which can produce an unwanted hum.



4. AKG Pro Audio P420 Condenser Microphone

  • Type: Condenser microphone
  • What’s included: Microphone
  • Extras: Case/shock mount
  • Best for: Those looking for an intermediate mic

The AKG Pro Audio P420 Condenser microphone features three polar patterns so you can get the sound that you want while recording. It comes with both a spider shock mount and a carrying case, so it’s ready to go when you want to record.

✅ Carrying case
✅ Bass cut filter
✅ Shock mount
✅ Three polar patterns
❌ May have some hum
❌ May not produce a pro recording

Why I Recommend It

For any intermediate player looking to do some recording, the AKG Pro Audio microphone is an excellent choice. It’s perfect to use in the studio or for home recording.

It has a base cut filter that removes unwanted noise, which can be a problem when recording guitars. It also accommodates different patterns such as cardioid, figure-eight, and omni, so you can record with it the way you like.



5. Samson USB Condenser Microphone

  • Type: USB condenser microphone
  • What’s included: Microphone audio interface
  • Extras: Headphone and instrument input
  • Best for: Those looking to use a computer to record acoustic guitars

This Samsung USB Condenser microphone is two products in one. This is not only a microphone but an audio interface, so you can use it to record right away. It features multiple polar patterns, so you can get a great sound.

✅ Guitar input
✅ Headphone jack
✅ Multiple polar patterns
❌ Heavy
❌ May confuse beginners

Why I Recommend It

This is a unique product because it works as a microphone and also as an audio interface. You can plug your guitar directly into this microphone and start recording with it. You can use it with your digital audio workstation.

I like the fact that it has a headphone jack so you can monitor your recording with ease. The microphone is built with a solid metal base, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it.



6. AKG Acoustics Project Studio

  • Type: Condenser microphone
  • What’s included: Mic, shock mount, case, headphones
  • Extras: Pop filter, gooseneck reflection filter
  • Best for: Beginners looking for a complete recording package

The Project Studio from AKG provides everything you need to start recording your guitar. It features excellent filters, a microphone, a shock mount, a pair of headphones for monitoring, and a case to carry everything with you.

✅ Lots of recording tools
✅ Good filters
✅ Nice mic
✅ Case
❌ Some accessories could be better
❌ Basic recording system

Why I Recommend It

I like this microphone package because it comes with a microphone and other accessories you need to begin recording. You get filters, a stand, and headphones for monitoring.

The microphone itself is pretty decent. It’s a large-diaphragm condenser microphone. There’s a nice bass-cut filter that helps to remove unwanted noise. This is the perfect kit for anyone that wants to record acoustic guitar.



7. Shure PGA 81-XLR Condenser Microphone

  • Type: Condenser microphone
  • What’s included: Mic, cables, stand adapter
  • Extras: Carrying case
  • Best for: Beginners looking to record acoustic instruments

The Shure PGA 81-XLR microphone helps capture the natural sound of acoustic instruments. It rejects unwanted noise, so you get a nice clear sound. It comes with a stand adapter, so it’s easy to attach to your microphone stand.

✅ Clear acoustic sound
✅ Stand adapter
✅ Quality construction
✅ Carrying case
❌ Basic entry-level mic
❌ Might be sensitive for some rooms

Why I Recommend It

This microphone is a great introductory microphone for the beginner or intermediate player looking to record their acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is quite sensitive, and this microphone will pick up those delicate sounds.

The microphone build quality is excellent, and it comes with a stand adapter, cable, and a carrying case. It has everything you need to start recording your acoustic guitar at home or in the studio.



8. Sennheiser Pro Audio Condenser Microphone

  • Type: Condenser microphone
  • What’s included: Mic, shockmount, clip
  • Extras: Carrying pouch
  • Best for: Intermediate or pro players looking to record their guitar

The Sennheiser Pro Audio Condenser Microphone is what you need for the stage or a studio. It comes with a shock mount, microphone clip, and a handy carrying case. It provides excellent audio quality.

✅ Metal housing
✅ Gold diaphragm
✅ Stage or studio use
✅ 2-year warranty
❌ Expensive
❌ Works best in a quiet room

Why I Recommend It

This is a high-quality microphone that you can use to record your voice or your acoustic guitar. Ensure you’re in a quiet recording environment to get the best results, as it’s quite sensitive.

You get precise sound with this microphone to pick up the delicate sounds coming from your acoustic guitar. I also like the build quality as it has a metal body with a metal grill, so it’s built to last.



9. Blue Yeti X Professional Microphone

  • Type: USB/digital microphone
  • What’s included: Mic
  • Extras: LED lights
  • Best for: Intermediate players wanting to record

The Blue Yeti X Professional microphone expands upon this company’s product line. This one offers four modes of recording, so it can record almost anything. It has a headphone output as well as customizable LED lights.

✅ Multiple recording modes
✅ LED lights
✅ Headphone output
✅ Easy recording
❌ May not give a pro sound
❌ Some may not like included software

Why I Recommend It

I own a Blue Yeti microphone, and I’ve been pleased with my purchase. This one offers a few more features, such as LED lights that give the microphone an attractive look when you use it.

You can change the gain, headphone volume, and mute function with one control knob, which makes this microphone easy to use. I also like the fact that these microphones are quite rugged, so they’re going to last.



10. Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone

  • Type: Ribbon microphone
  • What’s included: Mic, clip
  • Extras: Carrying case
  • Best for: Professionals that need a high-quality ribbon mic

The Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon microphone is designed with professionals in mind. It features an extended frequency response, so it’s the perfect option for recording purposes. It has a rugged and compact design, so it’s built to last.

✅ Unique double ribbon microphone transducer
✅ Extended frequency response
✅ Excellent transparency and transient response
Compact and rugged design
❌ Expensive
❌ Not for beginners

Why I Recommend It

This is the perfect microphone for recording guitars, drums, and vocals. It works great when you’re recording straight from the amplifier and you need a high-quality mic close-up.

If you want to do some serious acoustic guitar recording, try this microphone next to your amplifier. You should get a great result with it. This model has been used a lot in the past on famous recordings.



Best Acoustic Guitar Microphone Brands

These are the best acoustic microphone brands that you want to buy from. These companies make excellent microphones, so you can record your acoustic guitar without a lot of hassles.

acoustic guitar microphone inside the recording studio

Many of these mics are suitable for vocals too.


Shure produces some of the best microphones in the industry. You can always rely on this company and their audio products. They have been producing audio products since 1925. They have a wide range of microphones for any recording job.


This is a German company that makes high-quality audio products such as microphones and headphones. They’ve been in operation since 1945. They’re one of the top suppliers of high-quality microphones.

Blue Microphones

The Logitech computer company owns this company, and they make a wide range of modern microphones for computers. They can be used via a USB port to record your voice, guitar or create videos online.


This company is a part of Harman Industries. They were founded in 1947 and make a wide range of microphone products as well as headphones.

IK Multimedia

This company makes a wide range of microphones that work great with computers. They have software and other products that pair well with their microphones. This makes it easy for the beginner to start recording.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is what you need to know before you order.

What Microphone is Best for Me?

It takes a bit of experimenting with microphones until you find something that works for you. I’d go with something simple like a Blue Yeti as this can cover both recording, vocals, and broadcasting.

Vintage silver microphone and acoustic guitar on the background.

As you get familiar with the recording process, you can go for something more advanced like a Shure microphone or something from one of the other major brands.

Do I Need a Studio?

You don’t need a studio to begin recording an acoustic guitar. You’ll get a professional sound in a studio, but a lot of recording can now be done at home through your computer or the placement of a microphone near your amp.

As long as you can find a quiet area to do your recording, you’ll get a decent acoustic guitar recording. It does take a little bit of time and effort, but with practice, you’ll get better.

How Much Do Acoustic Guitar Microphones Cost?

Microphones vary in price. You have to experiment a bit with different microphones to find something that works for what you want to do. Here are the average costs that you can expect.

  • Basic mic: $50-$100
  • Intermediate: $100-$300
  • Advanced: $300+

What Are the Best Acoustic Guitar Microphones?

Here are three of the best acoustic guitar microphones that are suitable for recording your acoustic guitar. This can be done at home or in a studio.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone: Best for Beginners

The Blue Yeti USB microphone is simple to use with just your acoustic guitar or with your computer. You can easily create a recording using this microphone. It also works for other applications for creating videos or broadcasting.

AKG Acoustic Project Studio: Best for Intermediate Players

I like the AKG Acoustic Project Studio microphone package because it comes with many filters, headphones, and an excellent microphone. It’s the perfect setup for the intermediate player to record their guitar and get a great sound.

Shure SM7B: Best for Professionals

The Shure SM7B microphone has an excellent response for high-quality recording. It reduces hum and unwanted noise as it has good shielding and a pop filter. It comes with a detachable windscreen and a mounting nut.

Where Are the Best Acoustic Guitar Microphones Made?

Most of the best acoustic guitar microphones are made in the United States, but some companies from other countries make high-quality microphones, such as Sennheiser.

Where to Buy Acoustic Guitar Microphones

When you shop online, you get a great selection that you can’t find in the store. The downside to this is you can’t try out the microphones like you can in a music store.


I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. I like their product selection, fast shipping, customer service, and the fact that I can read reviews about musical products before I purchase.

Online Music Retailers

Guitar Center and Sweetwater are two other companies I like to purchase from online. They have a great product selection, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

Your Local Music Store

You can also pick up a high-quality microphone at your local music store. This allows you to try out the product hands-on. The downside is that the stores often don’t have the great selection that you find online.

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This guide to the best microphones for acoustic guitar recording should help you find an excellent microphone to use while recording your acoustic guitar. Experiment and have fun while recording.

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