Tenors are every gigging musician’s companion, and personally, I prefer them over every other ukulele type. Even the best boutique models need quality accessories – specifically strings.

Quick Look: Best Tenor Ukulele Strings

#1 Best Tenor Ukulele String Overall: Aquila AQ-15


If you’re searching for the best tenor ukulele strings, let me welcome you to my review of the top 10 finest models that the current market has to offer.

What Is a Tenor Ukulele String?

A standard tenor ukulele is typically up to 67.5 inches tall and has a 23-inch neck. This makes it one of the largest ukulele types (65-inch concert ukuleles and 62-inch sopranos), so you’ll need a different set of strings.

tenor ukulele strings

For this instrument, you’ll need tenor ukulele strings.

Types of Tenor Ukulele Strings

The size of the ukulele is irrelevant when it comes to the material used in the manufacturing process. The two most common materials are steel and nylon, followed by fluorocarbon and aluminum, while titanium strings are fairly rare but worth the buck.


Steel tenor ukulele strings offer optimal sturdiness and picking playability. They produce a recognizable twang-like sound and provide an experience that’s most akin to playing an acoustic guitar.


This material is perfect for fingerstyle players. Even though nylon is the flimsiest ukulele string material, it offers a bright, mellow tone and is perfect for beginner players.


FC strings are better for more experienced players as they borrow both the good and the bad from steel and nylon strings. They’re neither as flimsy as nylon nor as sturdy as steel, and their tone is a bit more balanced, sitting right between the two on the sonic spectrum.


Aluminum is slightly thinner and lighter than steel. If you’re willing to trade a speck of your string’s sturdiness for enhanced playability, this is the way to go.


The sturdiest and heaviest string material is titanium. Sets made of this material typically last twice as long (or more) in comparison to even the most robust steel strings. Tone-wise, they have a bit of extra bass and offer a distinctively warm sound.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Tenor Ukulele String

Concert and tenor ukulele strings currently dominate the market. Most brands focus on them mainly because they sell the fastest, so you’ll have plenty of models to pick from. Therefore, it’s paramount to keep these elements in mind during your search.


Beginner players are typically gentle with their instruments; the same can’t be said for seasoned veterans and professionals who can pop a set of flimsy strings during the first couple of hours of playing them.

In terms of sturdiness, titanium-made strings are unparalleled. The second-best material is steel, followed by aluminum and fluorocarbon. Finally, the least durable string material is nylon.


The tonewoods govern the sonic realm of any instrument, and the only way to improve the sound of your ukulele is to find a decent set of strings. Here are some of the tonal characteristics of the most common string materials:

  1. Steel: Warm tone with a decent amount of overtones, excellent for strumming and for practically all styles of music
  2. Nylon: Warmest-sounding string material. Distinctly resonant tone with a fair amount of overtones, perfect for fingerstyle playing.
  3. Fluorocarbon: Well-balanced in all respects. A moderately warm tone with slightly fewer overtones in comparison to steel and nylon strings.
  4. Aluminum: Lighter than steel, more durable than nylon, aluminum strings offer a well-rounded, controllable tone that leans towards the warmer edge of the sonic spectrum.
  5. Titanium: Overly pronounced lower-end with a substantial amount of bass. “Heavy and sturdy” describes both the durability and tone of these strings.


The price is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing ukulele strings mainly because individual sets typically don’t cost much, but you’ll need to restock on a monthly basis.

In that regard, you may see certain packs labeled as “expensive” while their cost is only $10 or so. Compared to a budget $3 set, for example, your annual cost of tenor ukulele strings would be $120 instead of $36.

10 Best Tenor Ukulele Strings

Using the aforementioned three elements as the basis for my criteria for the best tenor ukulele strings, I’ve plucked out 10 of the sturdiest, best-sounding and most valuable string packs from my favorite companies.

tenor ukulele with a dark background

Even though there are only a few brands I suggest you buy your strings from, I wanted to cater to the needs of musicians who wanted something a bit more unique. That’s why you’ll see packs from brands other than Aquila and D’Addario in the list below.

1. Aquila Nylgut AQ-15

  • What’s included: Standalone strings
  • Material & finish: Composite synthetic construction
  • Best for: Best overall set of tenor ukulele strings

I’d be remiss if I didn’t open up the review with the set I personally use the most. Out of the 10 models on the list, this tenor ukulele string set is my all-time favorite.

Aquila Nylgut AQ-15 tenor string pack is one of the few models that offer exceptional sound and superb sturdiness, all the while being available at a very approachable price tag. Obviously, if you’re looking for quality, this is the way to go.

✅ Remarkably durable composite construction
✅ Stays in tune well
✅ Decently affordable
✅ Excellent sound quality
❌ No accessories
❌ C string is relatively dull

Why I Recommend It

Aside from being the most versatile tenor string set I’ve found, AQ-15 is also among the best-sounding one. I recommend it to players at all skill levels, regardless of their playing style and preferred music genre.



2. D’Addario EJ87T

  • What’s included: Standalone strings
  • Material & finish: Titanium construction
  • Best for: Best titanium-made tenor ukulele strings

D’Addario is widely recognized as one of the best string making companies, and I’d daresay that D’Addario EJ87T is one of their best works so far. This uke string set offers unprecedented sturdiness and durability, which is the reason why touring and gigging uke players should at least consider it for live performance.

✅ Unparalleled durability
✅ Firm, full-bodied tone
✅ Exceptional intonation
✅ Cheap
❌ Hard to play fingerstyle
❌ Fairly loud

Why I Recommend It

Even though I don’t personally adore titanium-made strings, EJ87T is one of my favorite string packs. The level of durability it offers is absolutely amazing, and the chances of you popping a string mid-song are slim to none.



3. GHS Strings H-T10

  • What’s included: Standalone strings
  • Material & finish: Nylon/aluminum construction
  • Best for: Best for beginners

Multi-material strings are oftentimes hit or miss, but in the case of GHS H-T10, this is most certainly a huge hit. This string pack features the first, second, and fourth (G, C, and A) string made of nylon while the E string is made of aluminum.

✅ Highly versatile tone
✅ Exceptional playability
✅ Perfectly suited for both fingerstyle and plucking
✅ Very affordable
❌ Inferior durability
❌ The wound C string is slightly harder to fingerpick

Why I Recommend It

I recommend this uke string pack to beginners not only because it’s cheap, but also because it sounds remarkably good. They’re slightly flimsier than average, but they’re much sturdier than standard nylon tenor strings, though.



4. Aquila Red Series AQ-88

  • What’s included: Standalone strings
  • Material & finish: Composite synthetic construction
  • Best for: Best for strumming

Strings that belong to the Aquila Red Series AQ-88 were tailor-made for pick-using ukulele players. AQ-88 has reinforced composite construction while retaining the lightweight and highly resonant properties of classic synthetic strings, which results in superb playability and optimal sturdiness.

✅ Excellent durability
✅ Highly playable
✅ Bright overtones
✅ Great volume
❌ Relatively pricey
❌ Too firm for fingerstyle playing

Why I Recommend It

Aquila’s AQ-88 combines sturdiness and playability while cherry-topping it with remarkable volume and resonant acoustics. If you want to sound good and keep the strings in tune as you strum along with your favorite tunes, I’d say you should start using them right away.



5. Oasis GPX Fluorocarbon Strings

  • What’s included: Standalone strings
  • Material & finish: Fluorocarbon construction
  • Best for: Best for fingerpicking

Fingerstyle players typically need quite a bit of time before their fingertips harden. While many beginners rely on nylon strings before that happens, I’d recommend a different route.

Oasis GPX strings are just as soft, but they also offer a slightly better-rounded, more controllable tone while staying in tune for extended periods of time.

✅ Well-balanced sonic performance
✅ Great intonation
✅ Exceptional level of playability
✅ Sturdier than most FC strings
❌ Pricey
❌ Not as great for strumming with a pick

Why I Recommend It

Oasis GPX tenor ukulele strings offer a warm, well-balanced tone and they’re super-easy to play. Regardless of whether you’re a professional studio musician or a weekend warrior, I strongly believe you’ll love how they sound and feel.



6. D’Addario J5403

  • What’s included: Standalone strings
  • Material & finish: Aluminum-wound construction
  • Best for: Best aluminum tenor ukulele strings

The second D’Addario-made tenor ukulele string set on the list is J5403. This is a pack of aluminum-wound strings that are as sturdy as they are playable. They offer a massive, full-bodied sound at a remarkably affordable price.

✅ Highly affordable
✅ Sturdier than average
✅ Terrific sound quality
✅ Loud and bass-driven
❌ Not ideal for strumming
❌ The third string may fall out of tune at times

Why I Recommend It

Aluminum is just a tad heavier than nylon while offering substantially more durability. Now, aluminum-nylon strings made by a brand as reputable as D’Addario are even more robust.

If you value sturdiness and playability while not being bothered by relatively inferior intonation, I think you’ll be pleased with J5403.



7. Martin M620

  • What’s included: Standalone strings
  • Material & finish: Polygut fluorocarbon construction
  • Best for: Best fluorocarbon tenor ukulele strings

I typically rely on Martin strings when I’m shopping for my acoustic guitar strings, and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that they also offer a hefty catalog of premium-quality tenor ukulele strings as well.

Martin M620 is made of thin, remarkably playable fluorocarbon material, which makes them basically weightless. In my humble opinion, these are not only the best FC strings on the market, but they’re also the most playable tenor ukulele strings out there.

✅ Lightweight
✅ Warm, clear-sounding strings
✅ Superior playability
✅ Decently affordable
❌ Flimsy
❌ Slightly thicker than average

Why I Recommend It

I’d warmly recommend M620 to any steel-string uke player who may have hit a plateau in their playing. These strings offer tremendous playability due to the fact that they’re almost weightless, so you can count on improving your speed and accuracy right out of the gate.



8. La Bella 3-Pack Uke-Pro Series Tenor Ukulele Strings

  • What’s included: Three packs of tenor ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Rectified nylon construction
  • Best for: Best nylon tenor ukulele strings

Nylon is, in my opinion, a beginner’s first choice when it comes to ukulele string material, mainly because it makes the ukulele a bit quieter and tamer.

However, La Bella Uke-Pro tenor strings have led me to think otherwise. These strings are unlike any nylon-made models I’ve tried so far – they sound bigger, fuller, all the while bringing excellent playability to the table.

✅ Remarkably playable
✅ Three packs of quality tenor uke strings
✅ Full, loud sonic performance
✅ Sturdier than most nylon strings
❌ Expensive
❌ Potential problems with intonation

Why I Recommend It

La Bella’s Uke-Pro tenor strings are absolutely perfect for seasoned veteran players. They’re sturdier than any nylon-made strings available on the market, and their sonic performance goes beyond all of my expectations.



9. Hot Seal 4-Pack Ukulele String Set

  • What’s included: Four packs of tenor ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Nylon construction
  • Best for: Best value for the buck

Hot Seal is a brand I discovered by accident when I was touring a few years ago. I needed several Hot Seal 4-Pack Ukulele String Set tenor packs for the remainder of the gig, and I was fairly low on cash, so I thought about giving underdog brands a try.

Initially, I didn’t expect much from them, but they proved to be much sturdier than my go-to nylon strings. They sounded great, and they kept in tune throughout each set, which is more than I bargained for.

✅ One of the cheapest uke string bundles on the market
✅ Decent intonation
✅ Warm sound
✅ Sturdier than average nylon strings
❌ Pretty thin
❌ You may need a few hours getting accustomed to how they feel

Why I Recommend It

If you’re low on cash and need a steady supply of tenor ukulele strings, Hot Seal’s pack may be your best shot. They perform great live, although I don’t recommend them for studio sessions.



10. Kalena KU046

  • What’s included: Four tenor ukulele strings
  • Material & finish: Copper-wound silver-plated construction
  • Best for: Best tenor ukulele string bundle

Copper is a type of material that certain acoustic guitar strings are typically made of. It’s ringing, loud, and it offers airy overtones and tremendous resonance. On top of that, you get four packs of Kalena KU046 strings for the price of one, all at an exceptionally affordable price.

✅ Superb affordability
✅ Unique sound
✅ Beautiful outlook
✅ Decent durability
❌ Potential problems with intonation
❌ Firm and thick

Why I Recommend It

If you don’t want to neglect the aesthetics of your uke, especially if you’re a live-performing artist, you may want to try out Kalen’s KU046 bundle. This is a phenomenal 4-pack value bundle that offers unique-sounding, sturdy, great-looking tenor ukulele strings.



Tenor Ukulele String Aesthetics & Build

If you’re taking your first steps into the beautiful ukulele-playing world, let me break down the basics of tenor ukulele strings for you.

Close-up photo of female musician playing G Major chord on a tenor ukulele


The material of the string determines its durability and sonic signature. Basically, three of the most common material types are nylon, steel, and fluorocarbon while titanium and bronze are slightly less popular.

Each material brings a different set of benefits to the table. For instance, titanium and steel-made strings are the loudest and most durable while nylon and fluorocarbon strings are most playable due to their lightweight properties.


Essentially, there are only a few standard types of string finishes, including non-wound, wound, and sprayed.

The first two actually have an impact on the performance of ukulele strings, while spray paint finish is more of an aesthetic bonus (although paint can add some weight to the strings and hasten the corrosion process in some cases).

Wound strings typically have a reinforced core, slightly altering the sonic characteristics of the wound strings (sometimes only one or two strings are finished while the others are untouched). Furthermore, strings with this type of finish are often sturdier.


I don’t recommend picking a painted string set over standard ones. As I mentioned earlier, the paint can add unnecessary weight to the string and shorten its lifespan. Even though a painted string set may look cool, it’s not exactly practical.

What’s in the Tenor Ukulele String Box?

Tenor ukulele strings are typically included in tenor ukulele bundles alongside a variety of accessories.

However, tenor ukulele string boxes are a bit different in the sense that they’re significantly cheaper than instrument kits, although you’ll probably see the same accessories in both. Some of the most common ukulele accessories included in ukulele string boxes are:


A shoulder strap is necessary for heavier tenors. Just like guitar straps, these are often made of relatively lightweight fabric.

Ukulele Picks

Wider and typically made of felt cloth, ukulele picks are typically packed inside a tenor ukulele string box.


A capo is a type of ukulele accessory that can be set on any fret on the fingerboard, pressing all the strings in that line. This feature could save you a lot of time (and effort) if you wish to play songs that are in different tunings. It’s not part of every box set, but it’s fairly common.


Clip-on tuners are, arguably, the most valuable accessories a string box set can be supplied with. They’re often cheap, but they’re remarkably useful for every possible scenario – playing live, practicing at home, or recording in a studio.


A handful of tenor ukulele box sets feature ukulele chord books, but I haven’t seen that many lately. This is an essential helping tool for beginner players, so I suggest you find one as soon as possible.

Additionally, you should buy a standard guitar cable if you’re playing a semi-electric ukulele and the bundle didn’t include one.

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In Conclusion

I hope you liked my review of the best tenor ukulele strings. Keep in mind that good-sounding strings aren’t worth your time and money if they’re flimsy, while sturdy strings are useless if they sound bad.

Check out my buying guide again before you head out to pick your string set, as it contains valuable information that will, hopefully, help you make a better decision.