Even the best ukuleles will soon become battered, cracked instruments if they’re not handled and stored properly. That’s where ukulele cases come in. Cases and carry bags aren’t used solely for the transportation of your ukulele.

They also guard the instrument against dust and provide protection against bumps, knocks, and dings.

Quick Look: Best Ukulele Cases

#1 Best Ukulele Case Overall: Gator Cases Deluxe Hard-Shell Wood Case GWE-UKE-TEN


Most high-quality ukuleles come with a carry bag as part of the box set, but these are typically flimsy and cheaply made. If you’re on the market looking for the best ukulele cases in 2021, some of these may interest you.

What Is a Ukulele Case?

A ukulele case is a fully enclosed and zippered carry case that provides a safe and easy means of transport and storage for your ukulele.

best ukulele case

They’re different from gig bags in the sense that they sport a rugged, stiff exterior, which offers superior protection against bumps, whereas gig bags offer little or no protection whatsoever.

Types of Ukulele Cases

There are two ways you could categorize ukulele cases, including by size and by material type. Since the former is self-explanatory and obvious, let’s discuss the latter.


Hardshell cases are typically made of wood and are bound in leather. Cases made of wood usually weigh the most, but they’re also the sturdiest.


In my opinion, leather is superior to all other types of materials in terms of durability and quality in general. It’s the sturdiest, most resilient material for a ukulele case, although cases made of it are typically fairly heavy.


The polar opposite of leather, nylon is lightweight but flimsy. Better nylon cases are somewhat resistant to rips and tears, while boutique models are also partially waterproof. It’s an excellent material for gigging musicians, especially touring ukulele players.


Canvas stands on the line between leather and nylon in the sense that it’s lighter than the former and more durable than the latter. The main characteristic of canvas material is that it’s nearly impervious to cuts and scratches.


Fabric is generally a bit grittier than nylon, although it can’t really compare to canvas or leather in terms of resistance to scratches. It’s in the same league as nylon in terms of weight, and because it’s easy to manufacture, most fabric ukulele cases come fairly cheap.


One of the lightest ukulele case materials, foam offers both internal and external protection while being decently durable. Foam cases are, however, a bit more expensive than nylon and fabric ones.


Plastic isn’t a typical ukulele case material. If properly molded and reinforced, though, it offers excellent protection against all kinds of potential damage while being slightly lighter than leather.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Ukulele Case

Essentially, it’s always better to have any kind of case than none at all. However, picking the best model for your particular instrument requires you to pay attention to its size, the level of protection it offers, and its price tag.

ukulele case


It’s imperative that you choose the right-sized ukulele case for your instrument. Trying to fit a baritone ukulele, for example, in any smaller case would damage it, while putting a smaller ukulele in any larger case would lead to it bumping into the sides.


Each material offers a different type of protection except for leather, which is universally the sturdiest, most resilient type of material for a ukulele case. Nylon, for instance, offers the least amount of protection, followed by foam, fabric, and finally canvas.


A good ukulele case shouldn’t cost a small fortune. However, if you’re searching for the best, sturdiest model, you should be prepared to invest at least a hundred dollars. Luckily, though, there are several price point categories, each offering different kinds of ukulele cases with drastically different price tags.

10 Best Ukulele Cases

I’ve had more than a few ukulele cases in my possession, and all I can say is that I wasn’t too happy with most of them. With hope that you won’t make the same mistakes that I did, I compiled a list of the 10 best ukulele cases that the current market has to offer.

1. Gator Cases Deluxe Hard-Shell Wood Case

  • Size: 3 inches by 4.8 inches by 11.3 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Ukulele size type: Tenor
  • Material: Leather-bound wood
  • Best for: Best ukulele case overall

The GWE-UKE-TEN is the case I’ve relied on for quite a while now. Its superior sturdiness and beautiful leather exterior make it a very practical tool for storage and a marvelous aesthetic piece for transportation.

✅ Built to last
✅ Made of high-quality PVC
✅ Bound in real leather
✅ Impeccable level of protection against physical damage and dust
❌ Pricey
❌ Weighs quite a bit

Why I Recommend It

I recommend Gator Cases’ Deluxe hardshell wood case to every ukulele player who wants to preserve their instrument. It’s simply sturdier than most while also looking the part. On the downside, though, it costs quite a bit and it’s fairly heavy.



2. Hot Seal 10MM Ukulele Case

  • Size: 44 inches by 8.66 inches by 2.76 inches
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Ukulele size type: Soprano
  • Material: Fabric
  • Best for: Best cheap ukulele case

Affordable and gorgeous, Hot Seal 10MM is one of the most valuable low-end ukulele cases. It’s available in five color variations and it’s made of lightweight fabric. Even though it may not be the sturdiest model out there, this ukulele case is decently durable and somewhat resistant to scratches.

✅ Very affordable
✅ Available in several colors
✅ Leather-bound carry handles
✅ Spacious front compartment
❌ Relatively flimsy
❌ Weak straps

Why I Recommend It

Hot Seal’s 10MM fabric case is, in my humble opinion, better than most carry bags you’ll find in ukulele bundles and boxes. Its features are fairly great for a low-end case, it looks attractive, and it offers multiple carry straps for easy ukulele transport.



3. Crossrock Fiberglass Double Case CRF 1000D CTUYL

  • Size: 4 inches by 17.72 inches by 7.87 inches
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Ukulele size type: Double ukulele
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Best for: Best ukulele case under $500

The Crossrock Double Case is the ultimate carrying tool for touring professional musicians. It’s made of remarkably sturdy fiberglass material, and it can fit two ukuleles at once (a concert and a tenor-size ukulele).

Furthermore, it looks absolutely beautiful and is available in several color styles, including black, navy blue, yellow, red, white, and silver.

✅ Available in six different colors
✅ Made of ultra-robust fiberglass material
✅ Can fit two ukuleles at the same time
✅ Ideal for professional and touring musicians
❌ Very expensive
❌ Heavy

Why I Recommend It

I recommend Crossrock’s CRF 1000D CDCTUYL Double Case to ukulele players who are willing to spend a bit more cash for impeccable quality. This uke case is sturdier and more practical than most, especially if you’re carrying a backup ukulele with you.



4. Roaring Iron Ukulele Hard Case

  • Size: 5 inches by 8.25 inches by 4.7 inches
  • Weight: 99 pounds
  • Ukulele size type: Soprano
  • Material: Leather-bound wood
  • Best for: Best ukulele case under $100

The Roaring Iron soprano case is a remarkably well-built, sturdy hardshell case made of durable wood materials. It’s outfitted with a plush-like interior layer and leather-bound exterior, making it an excellent alternative to the Gator Cases model.

✅ Made of durable wood materials
✅ Soft interior
✅ Bound in beautiful leather
✅ Dependable hardware
❌ A bit more expensive than average
❌ Heavy

Why I Recommend It

Like I mentioned earlier, my favorite ukulele case is Gator Cases’ leather-bound model. This is my runner-up, which is essentially made of similar materials and has a more attractive price, but it’s also a bit smaller too.



5. Cordoba Deluxe Baritone Ukulele Gig Case

  • Size: 32 inches by 10 inches by 7 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Ukulele size type: Baritone
  • Material: Nylon
  • Best for: Best nylon ukulele case

The Cordoba Deluxe baritone ukulele gig case resembles an average carry bag in terms of dimensions and weight. However, it features a reinforced head area, and its sides are stiffer and sturdier. It’s also resistant to scratch marks and ripping, and it has a decently spacious front compartment for accessories.

✅ Made of decently sturdy nylon
✅ Reinforced straps
✅ Big front compartment
✅ Affordable
❌ Fairly heavy for a nylon case
❌ Made for Cordoba ukuleles specifically

Why I Recommend It

Nylon is typically very flimsy and light, so it’s pretty fair to say that Cordoba’s Deluxe case is not an ordinary one. It’s more than decently durable, and even though it weighs around three pounds, it’s still one of the lighter ukulele cases out there.



6. Music First Mr. Dog Ukulele Case

  • Size: 4 inches by 8.7 inches by 3.1 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Ukulele size type: Soprano
  • Material: Canvas
  • Best for: Best canvas ukulele case

The Music First Mr. Dog ukulele case is one of the cutest soprano cases I’ve seen. It sports a gorgeously detailed graphic of several happy dogs on its canvas exterior, an incredibly durable handle, and a petite front pocket for accessories. It’s meant for the smallest of sopranos, though, but it’s remarkably well-made.

✅ Unique aesthetics
✅ Perfect for kids
✅ Small and lightweight
✅ Highly affordable
❌ The pocket can’t fit most accessories
❌ Difficult to clean

Why I Recommend It

If you’re on the market searching for a ukulele case for your child, look no further than Music First’s Mr. Dog. Aside from looking awesome, this case is pretty durable and very light. Plus, it’s made for kid-sized soprano ukuleles.



7. Knox Gear Ukulele Protective Carrying Case

  • Size: 5 inches by 9.8 inches by 11.05 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Ukulele size type: Concert
  • Material: Fabric
  • Best for: Best fabric ukulele case

Thoroughly padded and equipped with dependable, sturdy zippers, the Knox Gear Ukulele protective carrying case is a textbook example of a top-tier fabric ukulele case. It’s easy to clean, it’s lightweight, and it features bump guards on its tail end.

✅ Strap and side handle carrying systems
✅ Available in baritone, concert, and soprano sizes
✅ Dependable zipper closure
✅ Easy to clean
❌ Moderately durable in comparison to other cases on the list
❌ Slightly pricier than average

Why I Recommend It

Knox Gear’s ukulele protective carrying case is a well-balanced, versatile concert ukulele case equipped with durable zippers, a huge storage compartment, and a plastic carry handle. It’s an excellent all-around pick for most mid-sized ukuleles.



8. Cordoba Polyfoam Tenor Ukulele Case

  • Size: 29 inches by 17 inches by 9 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Ukulele size type: Tenor
  • Material: Polyfoam
  • Best for: Best foam ukulele case

The Cordoba Polyfoam Tenor Ukulele Case is sturdy, big, and very well-built. It sports a handle made of durable fabric and a zippered front compartment for accessories, and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

✅ Minimally demanding in terms of maintenance
✅ Made of sturdy fabric and foam materials
✅ Can fit tenor and baritone ukuleles
✅ Perfect for touring and gigging musicians
❌ More expensive than average wooden hardshell cases
❌ Small front pocket

Why I Recommend It

I warmly recommend Cordoba’s Polyfoam Tenor Ukulele Case to every gigging musician looking for a quality case. It’s exceptionally comfortable to carry, and it can fit most conventional-sized tenor ukuleles.



9. Kala ABS Molded Plastic Case

  • Size: 28 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches
  • Weight: 86 pounds
  • Ukulele size type: Concert
  • Material: ABS, plastic
  • Best for: Best plastic ukulele case

Kala is one of the most renowned brands in the ukulele industry for a reason. Aside from manufacturing some of the finest instruments on the market, they also produce top-tier accessories and cases. The KALA ABS-molded plastic case is a true representative of their quality.

This ukulele case is made of rugged plastic materials, and it both looks and feels unique. It offers the same level of protection as most leather-bound wood hardshell cases, although it’s quite expensive.

✅ Beautiful aesthetics
✅ High-quality plastic construction
✅ Internal padding
✅ Sturdy handle
❌ Expensive
❌ No pockets for accessories

Why I Recommend It

Kala’s ABS-molded plastic case is a perfect traveling companion. It’s sturdy, reliable, and surprisingly light, and despite the fact that it’s quite pricey, I daresay it offers a massive value for the cash.



10. Kala Tenor Ukulele Foam Case

  • Size: 13 inches by 29.53 inches by 11.02 inches
  • Weight: 64 pounds
  • Ukulele size type: Tenor
  • Material: Foam
  • Best for: Best mid-range ukulele case

Big, sturdy, and tailor-made for traveling musicians, the Kala Tenor ukulele foam case is an excellent all-around choice. It’s sturdier than most foam ukulele cases, it’s not overly expensive, and its front pocket can hold most types of accessories.

✅ Huge front pocket
✅ Sturdy foam construction
✅ Strap and handle carrying systems
✅ Can fit most tenor-sized ukes
❌ Slightly pricier than average
❌ No internal padding

Why I Recommend It

If you’re on the market searching for a reliable, sturdy, and road-worthy ukulele case, I recommend Kala’s tenor ukulele foam case. It’s outfitted with a sturdy foam construction, a massive front accessory compartment, and a comfortable plastic handle.



Ukulele Case Aesthetics & Build

Each ukulele case is built differently, unlike ukulele carry bags. There are several types of materials you can choose from and a few features to look for, so let’s start from the top.

ukulele cases


The material of the case influences several factors, with the weight and the level of protection it offers as the most prominent ones. Wood is the heaviest and sturdiest material, followed by leather, canvas, plastic, fabric, nylon, and foam as the lightest and flimsiest.


Some of the most notable features of a ukulele case include the accessory compartment, zippers, a back carry strap, and a carry handle.


The colors and finish are the final touches of a ukulele case’s aesthetic. They don’t have any impact on performance, but they determine its outward appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ukulele cases serve a simple purpose, but as multi-purpose tools they are a bit more complex than that. This section is dedicated to some of the most frequently asked questions about ukulele cases.

How Much Do Ukulele Cases Cost?

The price tag of a ukulele case is determined by the material it’s made of, its size, and the features it’s equipped with.

For example, entry-level foam cases equipped with nothing but a carry handle are the simplest and cheapest of models, while leather-bound wooden cases supplied with back straps and spacious storage compartments typically cost a bit more.

Low-end ukulele cases cost approximately $20, mid-range models can be found under $50, while top-tier boutique ukulele cases tend to cost above $100.

What Are the Best Ukulele Cases?

I wanted to take a moment for a quick recap of the three best ukulele cases if you don’t want to waste too much time comparing all ten on the list:

Gator Cases GWE UKE TEN: Best Ukulele Case Overall

The GWE UKE TEN is a gorgeous leather-bound ukulele case that excels in pretty much every field of performance. It’s durable, beautiful, and most importantly, practical.

Hot Seal Ukulele Case: Best Cheap Ukulele Case

A textbook example of what a cheap uke case should be, Hot Seal 10MM ukulele case is decently durable, remarkably cheap, and outfitted with quality leather handles.

Crossrock Fiberglass Double Case: Best Ukulele Case Under $500

The Crossrock CRF 1000D CTUYL is the ultimate boutique ukulele case for touring musicians. It can fit your go-to ukulele and your backup. It’s exceptionally sturdy, although it’s quite expensive too.

Where Are the Best Ukulele Cases Made?

Brands that manufacture the best ukuleles typically make the best cases as well. In that regard, because the best ukulele brands are from the USA, this is where the best ukulele cases are made as well.

Where to Buy Ukulele Cases

You can buy ukulele cases on any online instrument shop, or you can visit local music stores and see what they have to offer. Let’s have a quick summary of the benefits and disadvantages of these approaches:


In my opinion, Amazon is the most versatile, most approachable online marketplace for instruments and instrument accessories. You can always check the reviews to find out what others have to say about it, and since most sellers offer some form of guarantee, it’s a safe place to shop for a case.

Online Music Retailers

Amazon doesn’t have infinite, self-replenishing stocks of ukulele cases, so you may stumble across a few models that aren’t currently available. In this case, I suggest you visit Sweetwater or Guitar Center.

Your Local Music Store

Local music shops are great alternatives if you don’t particularly trust online shopping modes. You’ll be able to physically inspect the case you want to buy, but you should be prepared to pay a bit more, as smaller shops typically pump up their prices a bit.

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In Conclusion

Before I pull the curtains, let me give you a few words of advice. The most obvious mistake you should avoid when looking for a ukulele case is picking the wrong size. Even the worst ukulele cases would be of more value to you than some of the finest models in the wrong size.

Aside from that, the material plays a huge role too. Wooden cases are rugged and heavy, fabric cases are light and often equipped with spacious front compartments, and while nylon cases are a bit flimsier, they’re super-light and cheap.