In this article, we will explore some of the best Yamaha bass guitars currently on the market. Yamaha is a very popular company, as they produce instruments that are very well valued all around the world.

Through numerous innovations in electronics and wood treatment, the Yamaha brand gained a lot of followers over the years, which gained them a status of one of the most important brands when it comes to electric guitars and basses.

I am a professional bass player and musician with several years of experience producing rock, metal, and folk music with several bands. I am a big fan of the bass guitar, as it adds a necessary groove and rhythmic arrangements for any type of music. I really enjoy performing with the bass guitars, as this instrument has this unique groovy nature to it.

Quick-Look: Best Yamaha Bass Guitars

#1 Best Yamaha Bass Guitar Overall: Yamaha BBP34


So, what is so special about the Yamaha brand and why are there so many fans of this company? Let’s find out the answer to this question and much more as we explore some of the most popular models made by this company. Buckle up!

About Yamaha Bass Guitars

Yamaha was founded in 1887 in Japan, but they didn’t start to produce instruments till the 1940s when they created their first acoustic guitar model, which was hugely inspired by Spanish and Portuguese designs.

yamaha bass guitar

In the 1960s they expanded into foreign markets, mainly in the United States, where they found huge success with their models. Yamaha company was able to find the right customers, as they offered more competitive prices compared to their American counterparts.

After the breakthrough in America, Yamaha rapidly expanded into other instruments such as bass guitars, pianos, brass, synths, acoustic guitars, and drums.

Nowadays Yamaha stands as a well-respected brand that produces a huge variety of instruments with a great price-quality ratio. Yamaha is a huge conglomerate that truly believes in high-quality products that will maintain its reputation for years to come.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Yamaha Bass Guitars

There are several things to consider when choosing the right Yamaha bass model for you. This includes size, tone, and overall price. Each model has its own wood type and overall tonality, that is why we will go into more detail on each feature.


The overall size of most Yamaha bass guitars is quite similar, as they stick to their well-known formula and shape for their instruments. The RBX series might have a smaller body size, as the BB series will have a wide and heavy body. Yamaha brand really stands for a classic well-proven shape and style for their bass guitars.

The Overall Tone & Sound

The sound qualities of most Yamaha basses are very versatile, as they can be used for almost any musical style, but shine most in RnB and Soul. Each series by Yamaha brings different tones and sound qualities to the table, as each one was designed with a certain entry-level in mind.


Although a mid-range brand, Yamaha offers some of the most expensive and professional bass guitars out there. The overall prices can oscillate from around several hundred to a few thousands of dollars, depending on each model in particular.

Types of Yamaha Bass Guitars

Here we will take a look at each Yamaha bass guitar series and its unique features. There are three main series: TRBX, RBX, and BB.

RBX Series

RBX is a budget-friendly series made by Yamaha, which is quite popular because of its competitive prices and overall decent sound quality. This series offers a balanced tone and sturdy construction, making it perfect for beginners.

TRBX Series

TRBX series is a step up from the RBX series, as it offers high-quality bass guitars with great tonality for any intermediate players. This series has a deep and punchy sound with a great definition of mid and high-range tones. Some of the models from this series can easily compete with some bass guitars from brands like Ibanez or Fender.

BB Series

The BB, or Broad Bass, is the most acclaimed series made by Yamaha. This top-notch series offers a professional level of craftsmanship and simply amazing sound quality. The BB series is also the most expensive series of bass guitars made by Yamaha.

The BB bass guitars helped Yamaha gain the notoriety they deserved, as here is where their unique craftsmanship really shines through. Most of the models in this series can easily compete with any high-tier bass guitars like Fender or Music Man.

10 Best Yamaha Bass Guitars

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best Yamaha bass guitars currently on the market.

yamaha bass guitar on the wooden table

Here I selected a varied mix of RBX, TRBX, and BB series with different price ranges.

Yamaha 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Translucent Black, 4-String (TRBX174EW TBL)

  • Size: 47.83 x 17.91 x 3.74 inches
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds
  • Material & Finish: Mahogany body, Maple neck, Translucent Black finish
  • Sound: Mellow and clean
  • Best For: Beginners

Yamaha 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Translucent Black (TRBX174EW TBL) is a budget-friendly model made of Mahogany, which gives it a deep and smooth tone. This bass guitar is quite affordable and offers some amazing quality for this price range.

✅ Comfortable to play
✅ Simple but elegant design
✅ Versatile tonality
✅ Affordable
❌ Low-quality strings

Why I Recommend It

This bass guitar is a low-cost TRBX model that was created with beginners and students in mind, as it provides a robust construction and a slim comfortable neck.



Yamaha TRBX204 OVS 4-String Bass Guitar, Old Violin Sunburst

  • Size: 47.8 x 17.9 x 3.7 inches
  • Weight: 8.48 pounds
  • Material & Finish: Basswood body, maple neck, Old Violin Sunburst finish
  • Sound: Clean and bright
  • Best For: Beginners and intermediate

Yamaha TRBX204 OVS 4-String Bass Guitar, Old Violin Sunburst might look similar to TRBX174 but this model has an active electronic circuit and some additional upgrades. With a faster attack and additional boost on mid-range tones, this bass guitar offers a great tonality for a reasonable price.

✅ Easy to play
✅ Affordable
✅ Balanced tone
❌ Require some setup

Why I Recommend It

This versatile instrument comes in a beautiful design and finish, which blended with powerful electronics and great sound makes this model a quality powerhouse for intermediate and beginner musicians.



Yamaha BB734A Bass Guitar – Translucent Matte Black

  • Size: 50 x 18 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 8.93 pounds
  • Material & Finish: Alder and Maple body, Mahogany and maple neck, Translucent Matte Black finish
  • Sound: Warm and balanced
  • Best For: Intermediate

Yamaha BB734A Bass Guitar – Translucent Matte Black is a high-tier model from the renowned B series. This beautiful bass guitar will satisfy even the most demanding musicians, as it brings us a high-quality construction made of alder and maple, which gives an extra sustain.

✅ Balanced tone
✅ Thin and comfortable neck
✅ Active preamp with 3-band EQ
✅ High-quality build
❌ Requires setup

Why I Recommend It

This bass guitar is an upgraded version of the BB series basses, as it maintains the classic design but adds some extra boost in the electronics. I highly recommend this model, because it not only has an elegant design but also a professional sound and wood quality.



Yamaha RBX170Y 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Black

  • Size: 47.84 x 17.91 x 3.74 inches
  • Weight: 13.23 Pounds
  • Material & Finish: Basswood body, maple neck, Black finish
  • Sound: Deep and punchy
  • Best For: Beginners and intermediate

Yamaha RBX170Y 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Black is another entry in the RBX series, but this time this bass guitar has an almost professional level of quality for a lower price tag. With a deep and punchy sound, this bass will give joy to any player.

✅ Great tonality
✅ Comfortable neck
✅ High-grade passive electronics
❌ Case not included

Why I Recommend It

This bass has a slim and comfortable neck, making it very easy to play and if you add up the great intonation all around the spectrum, you will get a great bass guitar for a very low price.



Yamaha BB434 BB-Series Bass Guitar, Black

  • Size: 50.2 x 18.5 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 8.93 pounds
  • Material & Finish: Alder/maple/alder laminated, black finish
  • Sound: Balanced tone
  • Best For: Beginners and intermediate

Yamaha BB434 BB-Series Bass Guitar, Black is a really affordable instrument from the famous BB series. This bass has nothing to envy to its more expensive brothers, as it has the same structural quality and that unique signature tonality.

✅ Durable construction
✅ Great sustain
✅ Elegant finish and design
❌ Low-tier tuner

Why I Recommend It

I personally tried this model in a music store, and it does really blend a beautiful design with professional quality sound. This bass sounds amazing. The rich and deep sound really shines on the low tones, and it is really comfortable and easy to play.



Yamaha BBP34 Bass Guitar – Vintage Sunburst

  • Size: 50 x 18.6 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 8.87 pounds
  • Material & Finish: Alder and maple body, maple and mahogany neck, Vintage Sunburst finish
  • Sound: Deep and smooth
  • Best For: Intermediate and professionals

Yamaha BBP34 Bass Guitar – Vintage Sunburst is a king of the BB series, as the P letter stands for professional, which is letting you know that this bass guitar is really top-notch and expensive. If you want a taste of the high-tier gamma of Yamaha instruments, this bass model is right for you.

✅ Beautiful finish
✅ Great sustain
✅ High-quality construction
✅ Versatile tonality
❌ Requires set up to play

Why I Recommend It

With that signature alder, maple, alder construction, this bass will provide a great sustain and professional sound quality. This bass guitar will satisfy any player, no matter how demanding or professional.



Yamaha TRBX305 Bass Guitar – Mist Green

  • Size: 126 x 44 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Material & Finish: Mahogany body, maple and mahogany neck, Mist Green finish
  • Sound: Balanced tone
  • Best For: Intermediate and beginners

Yamaha TRBX305 Bass Guitar – Mist Green is a 5-string bass guitar with a balanced sound and active electronics. Even with the slightly wider neck, which it needs to accommodate those 5 strings, this bass model is incredibly lightweight. If you add this to a very comfortable body and neck, you will get a bass guitar that is a really good option for any intermediate and beginner players.

✅ 5 Strings
✅ Versatile tonality
✅ 2 humbucker pickups with active EQ
✅ Durable construction
❌ Requires some setup

Why I Recommend It

The color we have here on display is Mist Green, but you can choose from other two, such as Factory Blue and White. This finish certainly adds a modern feel to this unique bass guitar. And as always with the Yamaha brand, you are getting a really high-quality instrument for a reasonable price.



Yamaha BB234 Bass Guitar – Black

  • Size: 50.1 x 18.4 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 8.92 pounds
  • Material & Finish: Alder body, maple neck, Gloss Black finish
  • Sound: Deep and smooth
  • Best For: Beginners

Yamaha BB234 Bass Guitar – Black is a modern reintroduction of the old classic. The original was introduced in 1976 and rapidly became quite popular as it added an innovative neck-through construction and active pickups. This model takes those foundations and blends them with modern methods of construction and wood treatment.

✅ Affordable
✅ Balanced tone
✅ Very comfortable
✅ High-quality finish
❌ Low-quality strings

Why I Recommend It

This bass guitar is the most affordable model from the renowned BB series. With this model, you will get a revived and modernized classic for a really good price.



Yamaha BBNE2 Nathan East 5 String Electric Bass Guitar with Built-in NE1, White

  • Size: 128 x 45 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Material & Finish: Maple and alder body, maple neck, White finish
  • Sound: Balanced tone
  • Best For: Professionals

Yamaha BBNE2 Nathan East 5 String Electric Bass Guitar with Built-in NE1, White is a versatile and top-notch bass guitar with neck-through construction and overall high-quality sound.

This bass is a signature model for Nathan East, an elite Jazz and Soul bass player that performed with artists like Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Joe Satriani, Peter Gabriel, George Harrison, Phil Collins, Ringo Starr, Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock.

✅ High-quality construction
✅ 5 strings
✅ Versatile
✅ Beautiful finish
❌ Expensive

Why I Recommend It

This bass guitar is an elite powerhouse that will satisfy any players no matter how demanding. If you add a versatile sound made by Alnico pickups to the easy-to-use 3-band EQ, you get an instrument that can adapt to any musical style. If you are looking for a high-tier and really professional instrument, this bass guitar will deliver that and much more.



Yamaha Billy Sheehan Signature Attitude 3 Electric Bass Guitar Black

  • Size: 43.8 x 19.6 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 27.51 Pounds
  • Material & Finish: Alder body, maple neck, Black finish
  • Sound: Deep and punchy
  • Best For: Professionals

Yamaha Billy Sheehan Signature Attitude 3 Electric Bass Guitar Black is a signature model for Billy Sheehan, a bassist who played with Steve Vai and David Lee Roth. This model has this rock sound and feels to it, as it brings a small body and a slim neck, that has a fast action all around the spectrum.

✅ Comfortable neck
✅ High-quality build
✅ Powerful deep tone
✅ Great sustain
❌ Expensive

Why I Recommend It

This model has a deep and punchy tone that is perfect for Rock and similar styles of music. This compact and easy-to-use bass guitar is a great addition to any professional bass player, as its high-quality build and sound are more than enough to convince any musician.



Yamaha Bass Guitars Aesthetics & Build

Yamaha bass guitars mainly stick to a well-known formula, which we can see in RBX, TRBX, and BB series.

a yamaha bass guitar on the table

But they certainly try to mix things up with each model, adding some new electronics and wood types.


Yamaha brands are kinda famous for their signature Alder, maple, alder blend, which they use in many models. If you add this to the neck-through construction in many Yamaha bass guitars, you get a really great sound and sustain even at the lowest tonalities.

Mahogany is another material you will find in many Yamaha bass guitars as it adds some more punch on the low tones.


Most of the Yamaha bass guitars come in polyurethane or nitrocellulose lacquer, but this can vary depending on the model.

With a polyurethane finish, you will get good protection with great resistance to any solvents or liquids like alcohol, which is quite useful for many live performances. But this finish type is often criticized for its “plastic” look and sound dampening. Nowadays most brands solved the dampening issue but that “plastic” look still defines this type of finish.

Nitrocellulose adds a thin layer that can be easily chipped, but it maintains the pure sound qualities of your instrument.

The oil finish adds a thin layer of oil that will expose the wood pattern of your instrument. This natural finish does not influence the wood, maintaining the original tone of your instrument.


There is a great selection of colors when it comes to Yamaha bass guitars. But the most common ones are pure colors like White, Red, or Black, as they add that signature modern feel and look to many Yamaha instruments.

Yamaha brand often stays very classical with their color patterns, creating versatile instruments that can fit in any style.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Yamaha Bass Guitars Difficult To Play?

No, they are not. Most Yamaha instruments feature a comfortable body and neck, which makes them very easy to play no matter the entry-level of the player.

Are the Yamaha Basses Really Worth the Money?

Yamaha bass guitars are sometimes underrated, as they are often considered a low or mid-range brand. But most Yamaha models are actually really high-quality, as every musician who tried some of them learned to appreciate and love this brand.

I can only recommend trying some models for yourself and see if their sound fits your musical vision. But I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by any means with their instruments.

Yamaha or Ibanez, Which is Better?

This is a question of personal preference, as each one of these brands offers outstanding quality and great sound. Ibanez is more famous for its high-gain and punchy sound, perfect for rock and metal. Ibanez bass guitars feature a narrow neck and lightweight design

Yamaha on the other hand is more versatile and can be used for Soul, RnB, and Jazz as well as other musical styles. Their design is more classical with a heavier build, adding more low tones to the mix.

But to be honest there are some Ibanez and Yamaha models that can sound quite similar, as both brands are very reliable and consistent in their quality.

What Famous Artist Uses Yamaha Bass Guitars?

There are many famous artists that use Yamaha bass guitars. This includes Michael Anthony from Van Halen, Nathan East, Jeph Howard from The Used, Will Lee, Phil Lipscomb, Billy Sheehan from Steve Vai, Phil Lipscomb from Taproot, Darron “Cookie” Moore, Danyel Morgan, Robertino Pagliari, John Patitucci, Doug Pinnick from King’s X, and Lee Sklar.

How Reliable Are the Yamaha Bass Guitars?

Yamaha bass guitars are probably one of the most reliable instruments in the world. The unique attention to detail made possible by excellent Japanese craftsmanship makes the Yamaha brand so well respected. Their instruments are really robust and sturdy no matter what series or how cheap the price.

What Musical Styles Work Better for Yamaha Bass Guitars?

Yamaha basses have a uniquely versatile sound that can fit almost any musical style. But their unique sound found its place in many Soul, RnB, and Jazz bands, where its versatile tonality really fits in.

What Does Yamaha Mean?

Yamaha is named after its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, who in 1887 created the Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd., a company that specialized in reed organ production. This musical origin is still important to Yamaha, as it can be seen on their logo, a trio of tuning forks.

Can I Use a Guitar Amplifier with My Yamaha Bass Guitar?

You certainly can, but it will do no good to your guitar amp. Most guitar’s amps are designed to support mid and high frequencies and this sudden burst of low tones can easily do some serious damage. Doing chords with your bass guitars on your guitar amp is almost a certain way to destroy your expensive gear.

There are certainly some exceptions where your bass will do only minimal damage to your amplifier. I would recommend sticking to a bass amplifier just in case.

Picks, Fingers, or Slap?

The way you play your bass guitars is a question of personal preference, as each technique offers a different sound. I would recommend using picks when you are learning to play, as this way you will get a clearer tone. At the intermediate level, you can try the finger technique, which will give you a warm and smooth sound.

The slap technique requires more experience, as you will need to have better precision and speed. This technique is only recommended for the most professional players, but you can certainly try it out when learning to play, as it’s quite fun to do.

When To Change the Strings on Your Bass Guitar?

With time your strings will get rust and corrosion. When this happens they start to lose their tone and definition. That is why you need to change your strings now and then.

How frequently you need to change them is a personal preference, as it will depend on how often you use your bass guitar.

Professional musicians recommend changing the strings after each show, but this can get quite really expensive really fast.

The common recommendation for normal players is to change your strings every 3 to 5 months.

How Much Do Yamaha Bass Guitars Cost?

Yamaha bass guitar has a wide range of prices for you to choose from. The lowest price tag can go from $200. The mid-range bass guitar will cost you around $600-$800, and as for most professional and signature models, they can cost up to several thousand dollars.

What Are The Best Yamaha Bass Guitars?

Let’s review some of the best bass guitars we presented in this article. Here we will see the best contenders from each series, including RBX, TRBX, and BB.

Yamaha RBX170Y 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Black – Best for Beginners

The RBX series was created with students and beginners in mind. That is why the Yamaha RBX170Y 4-String Electric bass guitar has a very comfortable body and slim neck, which will make it easier for you to learn to play the bass guitar.

This model brings us a sturdy construction with a simple but effective design, which gives it a very modern look and feels.

Yamaha BB434 BB-Series Bass Guitar, Black – Best for Intermediate

What better than a renowned Yamaha BB434 BB-Series bass guitar for a decent price? This is the idea behind this model, as it brings the high-quality build of any BB bass guitar but finds a way to make it more accessible for any player. This bass guitar is a really good instrument for this price range.

Yamaha BBP34 Bass Guitar – Vintage Sunburst – Best for Professionals

Yamaha BBP34 model is the king of all Yamaha bass guitars. Although not that expensive as some signature models, this bass guitar offers the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. If you want a taste of the high-tier Yamaha sound, this bass guitar is a perfect match for you.

Where Are Yamaha Bass Guitars Made?

The most expensive and professional models are made in Japan, where the unique attention to detail and professional craftsmanship creates these beautiful and top-notch instruments.

The mid-range Yamaha bass guitars are made in nearby countries like Korea and Taiwan, where Yamaha is able to maintain the quality levels with less cost for the company.

What is The Best Sounding Yamaha Bass Guitar?

In my personal opinion the Yamaha BBP34 Bass Guitar – Vintage Sunburst has the most unique and rich sound on this list. This professional model brings us that signature alder, maple, alder body, and maple-mahogany neck, which provides a great sustain and intonation.

a guitarist playing a yamaha bass guitar

If you want to hear the Yamaha sound in its full glory, check out this model, as it might surprise you with its deep and rich tonalities.

Where To Buy Yamaha Bass Guitars?

Nowadays most Yamaha bass guitars are sold through many different online music retailers and music stores. Yamaha company does a great job making their instruments accessible, as their instruments can be found in most shops and online retailers all around the world.

A great example of this would be the big selection of Yamaha bass guitars on Amazon, where you can find many warranties and extra accessories in most packages. One of the most useful features found on Amazon is the customer reviews, which will provide you a better idea of the instruments you want to buy.

Online Music Retailers

There are a huge number of online music retailers that provide decent service and low prices. Each one has its own selection of models and special offers. I would recommend looking up several of them, as this way you can find more different types of instruments and find the perfect one for you.

Here at Into Strings, we recommend,, and, as these retailers offer the best selection of instruments and great offers. specializes in classic bowed and stringed instruments like violins, violas, cello, and double basses. This online retailer is a great option for any classical and folk musicians. is a music technology and musical instruments retailer. Here you can find a huge selection of instruments with quality support and good customer service. Most of the instruments you will find here have some special exclusive deals with this retailer, offering warranties and extra accessories in the package. specializes in electric guitars and bass guitars, as well as numerous accessories for these instruments. This popular online retailer offers a great selection of instruments with pretty low prices.

Your Local Music Store

In your local music store, you might find a limited selection of instruments, but you can surely benefit from the useful advice from the salesman, which will help you decide the best instrument for you.

I personally struggled with some musical stores in my town, as they sometimes have a limited selection of instruments with elevated prices and the salesman in one of them was kinda old-school and conservative. But if you can find a music store that is managed by young musicians it will make it much easier for you to choose the right instruments, as he will be able to understand your musical references much better.

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In Conclusion

In this article about the best Yamaha bass guitars, we explored some of the most famous series such as RBX, TRBX, and BB. With each model Yamaha strayed a little further from their original formula, creating a wide range of instruments inside each series.

Overall, Yamaha is a champion of the mid and high-range bass guitars. With their flagship series BB, Yamaha was able to compete even with the most elite brands like Fender and Music Man, earning its place as one of the best quality-price ratio bass guitars on the market.

I hope you enjoyed and learned a thing or two about the Yamaha brand. If you really liked this read feel free to share or leave a comment.

Stay safe and as always, good luck with your sonic adventures!