This guide to the 5 best dreadnought acoustic guitars will help you find an amazing guitar. This guide is designed to help everyone no matter what playing level and skill. There’s a guitar out there for everyone.

Quick Answer: Best Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars

  • 1. Best Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Overall: Martin D28
  • 2. Best Beginner Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar: Martin D-X1E
  • 3. Best Intermediate Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar: Guild D-120
  • 4. Best Professional Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar: Martin D28
  • 5. Best Student Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar: Yamaha FG820
  • 6. Best Budget Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar: Epiphone DR100


As a guitar player, I’ve spent many years playing acoustic dreadnought guitars, my first acoustic was a cutaway dreadnought, and I fell in love with the acoustic guitar after that. My guide will help you find the best 5 dreadnoughts no matter what your skill level.

What Is a Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar?

A dreadnought acoustic guitar is your standard acoustic guitar. The body size is large, giving the guitar a huge tone when compared to other guitars. They are perfect for strumming chords and fingerpicking.

best martin dreadnought

Most players start on a dreadnought acoustic guitar. They are popular across all genres of music. Top companies include Martin, Taylor, and Guild. Gibson, and Fender.

My Experience with Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars

I’ve played acoustic guitars for over 30 years. During that time I’ve played them in music stores, taught students, and did quality control checks on dreadnoughts through a music warehouse. I love the sound produced by a good quality dreadnought.

My playing advanced once I switched from electric guitar to an acoustic guitar. I now play both acoustic and electric guitar, but I always come back to the dreadnought as there’s nothing better than a good-sounding dreadnought acoustic guitar.

My main acoustic guitar is a cutaway dreadnought with a pickup, so I can record with it. You may or may not want a pickup system with your new guitar. Many models now come with pickups if you need one.

If you’re struggling to find a good guitar, my guide has you covered. You’ll find the top 5 best dreadnought guitars in this extensive guide whether you’re starting or a seasoned player.

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Top 5 Best Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars Overall

This guide will help you find an excellent dreadnought guitar whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, I’ve also included guitars for students and those on a limited budget. There’s something here for everyone.

martin d28 best years1. Epiphone DR100

  • Scale length: 25.5″
  • Pickup type: None
  • Body shape: Dreadnought
  • Case: No
  • Best for: Those on a low budget

The Epiphone D100 is the right guitar for those on a limited budget. It’s made with solid wood and has a tone that you can depend on. The dreadnought shape gives the guitar plenty of sound projection. Whether playing chords, fingerpicking, or soloing.

The Epiphone premium tuners keep the instrument in tune, and it’s got a rosewood bridge along with a smooth rosewood fingerboard for effortless playing up and down the neck. This guitar is a joy to play. Ane one of the best dreadnought guitars for low budgets.

✅ Good neck
✅ Easy to play
✅ Solid wood construction
✅ Premium tuners
❌ May need setup
❌No case

Why I Recommend It

I love this Epiphone D100. One of my students has this guitar, and we used to keep them in stock at the music store I worked at. Epiphone guitars are reliable, and this one is not an exception. it’s the perfect starter guitar for low budgets,

I love the easy-playing neck on this guitar, which ensures the student isn’t frustrated as they learn to play the guitar. I also love the tone of the guitar as it sounds better than the meager price tag. Pick one up if you’re on a small budget, as it’s well worth it.



dreadnought acoustic guitars2. Yamaha FG820 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

  • Scale length: 25.56″
  • Pickup type: None
  • Body shape: Dreadnought
  • Case: No
  • Best for: Beginner guitar students

The Yamaha FG820 is an easy-playing guitar for students. use the Player Port app to take lessons, view videos, and get tips as you learn how to play the guitar. The solid wood construction gives the guitar a smooth and even tone.

This guitar is a step up from poorer models that don’t offer the playability that the FG820 has. It may cost a bit more, but the results are well worth it. Pick one up today, and you’ll have a solid guitar to learn on as you take lessons.

✅ Easy to play
✅ Solid wood
✅Scalloped bracing
✅ Mahogany back/sides
❌ No case
❌May need setup

Why I Recommend It

I like this Yamaha FG800 for students as it’s easy playing and the included app helps a lot with learning. Many lower-priced guitars sound bad, but this one has a great tone in its price range. Beginner students will have fun playing this guitar.

The guitar has great projection when playing chords, thanks to the scalloped bracing. I found it easy to tune and playing notes is effortless thanks to the rosewood fingerboard. It’s one of the top 5 best dreadnoughts, especially for students.



Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar3. Martin D-X1E Dreadnought Guitar

  • Scale length: 25.4″
  • Pickup type: Fishman MX
  • Body shape: Dreadnought
  • Case: Yes
  • Best for: Beginner players that want a great-sounding guitar

Beginners that want a solid and dependable guitar should look to the Martin D-X1E. It costs a bit more, but you get a great tone and a Fishman MX pickup system, so the guitar can grow with you long after you’ve learned those first chords.

The [performance artist neck makes the guitar comfortable as you learn to navigate the fretboard. The high-pressure laminate wood gives the guitar a nice tone no matter what you’re playing.


✅Soft case
✅ Solid wood
✅Good machine heads
❌ A bit expensive
❌Some may not like the color

Why I Recommend It

It’s hard to find a dependable dreadnought as a beginner. This Martin might cost a bit more, but it’s got a huge tone which is impressive in this price range. The pickup system is a bonus as you can record or play your first gig with this guitar.

This guitar is built well and the Richlite wood on the bridge and saddle is sustainable. This wood isn’t impacted by temperature changes, so your instrument has little maintenance. I love this guitar and beginners will have a wonderful instrument for years of enjoyment.



Guild D-120 Acoustic Guitar4. Guild D-120 Dreadnought Guitar

  • Scale length: 25.5″
  • Pickup type: No
  • Body shape: Dreadnought
  • Case: Gigbag
  • Best for: Intermediate players that need a quality guitar

This guitar is easy to play and made with solid wood. It produces a smooth and even tone at all points along the fretboard. It has the sound that intermediate players want without the huge price stage that comes with other instruments.

The Guild D-120 has scalloped X bracing which enhances the sustain of this guitar. You get crisp-sounding chords and single notes, and it’s a breeze to fingerpick with this high-quality intermediate guitar from Guild.

✅ Scalloped bracing
✅ Gigbag
✅ Bone nut/saddle
✅ Mahogany wood
❌ No pickup
❌ No cutaway

Why I Recommend It

I played this Guild D-120 at a local music shop. This is a nice-sounding guitar, a big step up from a beginner instrument. The rosewood bridge and bone nut enhance the tone of the guitar and it’s got a nice mahogany finish.

I had no trouble with chord progressions including playing barre chords on this guitar. The action was set nicely straight from the factory. The guitar feels great at all positions. This is one of the best intermediate guitars for today’s player.



Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar5. Martin D28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

  • Scale length: 25.4″
  • Pickup type: None
  • Body shape: Dreadnought
  • Case: Hardshell
  • Best for: Professional players that need a high-quality guitar

The Martin D28 is a premium guitar that’s well-known in the guitar world. This instrument has been the cornerstone of many recordings. This dreadnought is a joy to play, and well worth its big price tag,

You get a professional tone and a guitar you’ll rely on night after night. The Sitka Spruce top produces a high-quality tone that resonates well. It’s the perfect guitar no matter what music you want to play. This Martin can handle anything you throw at it.

✅ Huge Tone
✅Taper neck
✅Ebony bridge
✅Hard case
❌ Expensive
❌ No pickup

Why I Recommend It

The Martin D28 is a premium guitar, and I picked it because you really can’t do any better. This dreadnought has a huge tone that sounds great across all genres. It’s perfect for fingerpicking, playing chord progressions, or doing a solo.

The modern neck profile makes the guitar comfortable in your hand at every position along the fretboard. You get a classic and dependable dreadnought tone with this guitar. The D28 is well worth the money if you want a solid guitar you’ll play for years.


What To Look For When Buying a Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when looking for a good dreadnought acoustic guitar. Your playing level and skill should also be a factor. There’s a guitar out there for all abilities and skill levels.

best dreadnought


There are several different tonewoods used to make dreadnought acoustic guitars. Here are the basic wood choices below:

  • Sitka Spruce – Often used for dreadnought guitar tops
  • Mahogany – A solid wood used for acoustic guitars with good resonance
  • Maple – A dependable hardwood often used for guitar necks and sometimes on the body
  • Rosewood – Often used for bridges and the fingerboard
  • Cedar – This is another popular wood used for guitar tops that has a good tone


There are various finishes used on acoustic guitars. Here are the most common ones below:

  • Nitrocellulose lacquer – This lacquer has a good shine and a long life
  • Matte – A flat finish that’s smooth without shine
  • Gloss – A common finish used on acoustic guitars that’s durable
  • Polyester – Another finish that’s long-lasting and durable


Most dreadnought acoustic guitars don’t have electronic systems. It’s a better option to get a cutaway dreadnought as these usually have one installed. A few dreadnoughts have them, but you’ll probably have to have one installed on your dreadnought.

The Overall Tone & Sound

The sound you get from a dreadnought acoustic guitar is full and rich. These guitars are excellent at chord progressions as they have the volume you need to sound great when strumming. They aren’t that ideal for solos since you can’t access the whole fretboard.

If you mainly play chords, a good dreadnought is what you want to own. They are dependable instruments for singer/songwriters or for jamming along to a few songs at the beach or camping

dreadnought acoustic guitars

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a few questions that people have regarding dreadnought guitars. It’s important to weigh your options before you make that purchase.

How Much Do Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars Cost?

  • Beginner: $100-$600
  • Intermediate: $600-$1500
  • Professional:$1500+

Are Dreadnought Guitars Hard to Play?

Dreadnought guitars aren’t hard to play. Most players start on this type of guitar. They are best for playing chords but are not that ideal for soloists. A good cutaway dreadnought is what you want for solos as you’re able to access all the frets.

Young players may struggle on a full-sized dreadnought, so you may want to go with a student-size model which is a bit smaller and more comfortable to play.

Where to Buy Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars?

There’s several places where you might want to consider buying a dreadnought guitar. I’ve outlined my top choices below to make it easier for you to find a good guitar,


Amazon is a good place to start when shopping for guitars. They usually have a good selection as well as competitive prices. You can leave reviews, and you get great customer service.

Guitar Center/Sweetwater

Sweetwater and Guitar Center are two other locations where you can pick up a good dreadnought acoustic guitar. Both retailers have a wide product selection, excellent prices, and good customer service.

Your Local Music Store

You may want to shop at your local music store for a dreadnought acoustic guitar. Most stores don’t stock everything, so it can be difficult to find what you want. A lot of stores will special order guitars if you want something specific.

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In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this guide to the 5 best dreadnought acoustic guitars. These instruments sound great and all guitar players should own at least one of them. I’ve enjoyed playing these guitars for years, and I know you will, too.

Please comment, like, and share this article. We look forward to hearing from you about acoustic dreadnoughts, and guitars in general. Now, go out on a fresh set of strings and start jamming.