When playing your electric guitar, there are some accessories that you need to have on hand. This guide to the best electric guitar accessories will help you pick products that complement your instrument.

Quick Look: Best Electric Guitar Accessories

#1 Best Electric Guitar Accessory Overall: Elixir Strings


I’ve been a guitar player for many years. I’ve tried a wide range of different accessories for my guitar. Here are some of the better accessories that will help you during your practice sessions.

What Is an Electric Guitar Accessory?

Electric guitar accessories are products that complement your electric guitar. For example, you may need a pick to play the electric guitar. This can be considered an accessory.

a variety of electric guitar accessories

Standard accessories include guitar cables, music stands, music paper, a string winder, a guitar tuner, and so on. Most guitar players will go through a wide range of accessories during their playing career.

Types of Electric Guitar Accessories

There’s a broad range of different types of guitar accessories. This short guide is about the most common types that you need to be aware of.


Amplifiers and guitars need to be plugged in. There’s a wide range of different cables out there that your instruments need.


Effects or stompboxes are a type of accessory for your electric guitar. These help you enhance and change your sound.


Most electric guitar players use some type of pick. You also need strings for your electric guitar, and there are many different types of strings that you can use.

Learning Materials

Most guitar players will go through a wide range of different books. They can include tablature books, standard notation books, chord books, scale books, and other books.


Maintenance items for your guitar include string cutters, a peg winder, guitar polish, oils, and other products that help you maintain your instrument.


Some musical styles may include the use of a capo or a slide. These are two guitar accessories that you might want to have in your case.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Guitar Accessory

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind prior to picking up guitar accessories.

man playing on electric guitar, stage light, musical concert close up view

Here are the main points to keep in mind.


You have to decide what you’re going to use the accessory for. Some accessories such as strings are mandatory, while others are not. You may not need every accessory that’s on the market.


You have to decide how much you’re going to pay for your accessories. Some accessories are quite inexpensive, while others, such as stompboxes, can be hundreds of dollars.


The quality of the accessory is also a factor before you make your purchase. You want to pick accessories that are made of high-quality materials, or you’ll be wasting your money.

10 Best Electric Guitar Accessories

Here are 10 of the best electric guitar accessories that I consider you should own. I’ve used many of these accessories before. A lot of them are in my guitar case, or I use them whenever I practice.

1. Elixir Guitar Strings

  • Type: Guitar strings
  • What’s included: Set of electric guitar strings
  • Best for: Guitarists looking to extend the life of their strings
  • Extras: No

One accessory that you need in your case is an extra set of Elixir Guitar Strings. These are top-quality strings that last a long time. They have a special coating, so you can get several months of usage out of these strings.

✅ Great tone
✅ Long life
✅ Corrosion resistance
✅ Save money
❌ Expensive
❌ May not like the feel

Why I Recommend It

I’m a big fan of Elixir guitar strings. I use them because they last several months without needing a change. I save a lot of money when I use this type of string on my guitars.

They have quite a good tone, and I don’t have to worry about grime and build-up on the strings. I always have an extra set of these on hand, and they’re one of my top accessories.



2. Jim Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Picks

  • Type: Guitar picks
  • What’s included: Set of 6 picks
  • Best for: Guitarists looking for faster playing
  • Extras: No

Max Grip Jazz III Guitar Picks are an excellent choice for any guitar player. They have a small pointed tip, so you get a great attack on the strings. They have an excellent gripping surface, so you won’t be dropping your picks.

✅ Easy to hold
✅ Low cost
✅ Better playing
✅ Sharp point
❌ Small
❌ Easy to misplace

Why I Recommend It

I don’t know where I would be without Jim Dunlop Jazz III Guitar Picks. This is an excellent pick that improves my playing by a great margin. I like the Max grip Jazz III as they are easy to hold on to.

These picks are small and take a little bit of getting used to. Once you do, you won’t go back to other picks ever again. They allow you to play fast passages with ease.



3. Jim Dunlop Guitar String Change Kit

  • Type: Guitar maintenance
  • What’s included: Set of guitar tools
  • Best for: Those that change strings often
  • Extras: Carrying case

If you change strings often or play live, you need a good guitar string change kit. The Guitar String Change Kit by Jim Dunlop provides everything you need, including wire cutters, a peg winder, and a multi-tool.

✅ Lots of tools
✅ Carrying case
✅ Easy to store
✅ Convenient
❌ A bit expensive
❌ You may not use everything

Why I Recommend It

I like The Jim Dunlop String Change Kit because it has everything you need to change strings quickly. You can also make small adjustments to your guitar with the multi-tool. It will fit into your guitar case with ease.

There’s a handy carrying case for all of these accessories, so they’re not all over the place. It’s a handy kit to have on hand if you’re playing live and need to make a quick string change.



4. Fender Deluxe Molded Case

  • Type: Guitar case
  • What’s included: Guitar case
  • Best for: Those that want a high-quality case
  • Extras: Key for lock

The Fender Deluxe Molded Case has everything that you need to protect your Stratocaster or Telecaster style guitar. It’s a locking case with solid latches, a great handle, a plush interior, and a storage compartment.

✅ Solid protection
✅ Good handle
✅ Secure latches
✅ Lock
❌ Heavy
❌ Expensive

Why I Recommend It

I’m a big fan of the Fender molded guitar case. My Stratocaster is currently inside one of these cases. It offers solid protection for your guitar. I like the fact that its locks and latches are excellent.

I don’t have to worry about my guitar being damaged when it’s inside this case. There’s a large storage compartment inside for strings, picks, and even a folded up guitar strap.



5. Hal Leonard Guitar Chords, Scales, and Arpeggios

  • Type: Guitar book
  • What’s included: Book on scales, chords, and arpeggios
  • Best for: Those that want to learn about scales and other concepts
  • Extras: No

When learning guitar, it’s important to have reference materials with you. This book of Hal Leonard Guitar contains scales, chords, and arpeggios. You can refer to whatever you need in one book without the need for multiple source materials.

✅ Great reference book
✅ Easy to use
✅ Lots of pages
✅ Chords, scales, and arps in one
❌ Not for beginners
❌ A bit expensive

Why I Recommend It

I’m a big fan of Hal Leonard reference books. I used these all the time when I was teaching students. This one is beneficial because it has arpeggios, scales, and chords in one book.

It can be cumbersome to look up a scale and then use another book to look up a corresponding chord. This book allows you to look up your chord, scale, and arpeggio without the need for extra books.



6. GLS 20 Foot Braided Cable

  • Type: Cable
  • What’s included: 20-foot cable
  • Best for: Those that want a quality guitar cable
  • Extras: Tie for cable

The GLS 20 Foot Braided Cable is an excellent product for your electric guitar. It has a right-angled plug so it will fit nicely into your guitar input jack. It’s braided, so you don’t have to worry about kinks in the cable.

✅ Long cable
✅ Braided
✅ Improves your tone
✅ Right angle plug
❌ A bit expensive
❌ May be too long for some

Why I Recommend It

I like braided cables because they don’t tangle or bunch up. They’re easy to keep straight, which means that your cable will last a long time. There’s a tie to keep your cable nice and tidy once you’re finished with it.

I always used cables that are similar to this one. I like the fact that one of the plugs is at a right angle, so it will fit properly into input jacks that are on the side of the guitar, like a Les Paul.



7. D’Addario Varigrip Finger Exerciser

  • Type: Guitar finger exerciser
  • What’s included: Exerciser
  • Best for: Those that want to learn about scales and other concepts
  • Extras: No

This accessory will help you develop your finger strength when you can’t practice your guitar. The D’Addario Varigrip Finger Exerciser will also simulate the feel of guitar strings so you can develop and maintain your calluses.

✅ Great for fingers
✅ Easy to use
✅ Tension customization
✅ Helps maintain calluses
❌ Not for beginners
❌ Doesn’t replace practicing

Why I Recommend It

Finger exercise machines for guitar can help you when you’re not able to practice. These devices allow you to exercise individual fingers to get the strength you need for playing guitar.

While this device won’t replace practicing guitar, it will give you something to do when you want to maintain your finger strength. This device has variable tension to meet your playing ability.



8. Dunlop Pick Holder

  • Type: Picks and pick accessories
  • What’s included: Pick holder
  • Best for: Those that need easy access to extra picks
  • Extras: No

Whenever you’re playing guitar, you always need an extra pick. The Dunlop Pick Holder is a device that you can place on a guitar. It holds several picks, so they’re always within easy reach.

✅ 3 holders
✅ Low cost
✅ Adhesive back
✅ Spring-loaded
❌ Easy to see
❌ Won’t hold small picks

Why I Recommend It

It’s easy when playing the guitar to drop your pick. When you need another one right away, you don’t want to be running back to your guitar case. This pick holder makes it easy for you to have your picks at hand whenever you need them.

I like this device because it has a nice spring-loaded mechanism, so your picks are easy to access through the holder. Place several picks in the holder, and they’ll be ready to go whenever you need them the most.



9. KLIQ Metropitch

  • Type: Guitar tuner
  • What’s included: Tuner and metronome
  • Best for: Those that need to tune and practice
  • Extras: Carrying pouch/two batteries

The KLIQ Metropitch tuner also includes a metronome so you can practice your guitar after you’ve turned it to pitch. It has several tuning modes for different instruments, so you’ll always be in perfect tune. It comes with batteries and a carrying pouch.

✅ Metronome
✅ Tuner
✅ Carry pouch
✅ Supports multiple instruments
❌ A bit expensive
❌ May confuse beginners

Why I Recommend It

I like the KLIQ metronome and tuner combination. The device is easy to use, and you’ll get accurate tuning whenever you need it. You can use the metronome to keep time when you want to practice.

This tuner comes with a carrying pouch so you can put it in your guitar case and use it whenever you want. It also comes with batteries, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.



10. Boss TU-3 Tuner

  • Type: Guitar tuner
  • What’s included: Tuner and accessories
  • Best for: Those that need a high-quality tuner
  • Extras: Cable, picks, cloth

For those looking for a high-quality pedal tuner, the BOSS Tu-3 is an excellent product. It has a rugged chassis, so it can take abuse on the stage or studio. You get accurate chromatic tuning with this pedal.

✅ Chromatic tuner
✅ Rugged
✅ Accurate
✅ Easy to use
❌ Expensive
❌ Heavy

Why I Recommend It

I love the BOSS TU-3 as it’s the perfect companion for your pedalboard. It’s made with rugged metal, so you can stomp on the pedal time and time again, and it will last.

The display on the unit is nice and clear, and you’ll always get an accurate tuning whenever you need it. This version comes with some nice accessories such as cables and picks.



Best Electric Guitar Accessory Brands

There are a few brands that make high-quality guitar accessories. You should shop for these brands as much as possible. It’s hard to rely on lesser-known brands.

A close up of an fender electric guitar

Here are my top choices.

Jim Dunlop

Jim Dunlop makes a wide range of guitar accessories, including picks, slides, pedals, capos, straps, and more. I use their accessories all the time and have never been disappointed in a product.


BOSS is my go-to brand for guitar effects. Their pedals have a rugged metal chassis, so they stand up in the stage and studio environment. They also make other products for your guitar.


This company has a wide range of guitar accessories. D’ Addario make strings, picks, capos, tuners, and other guitar-related products. They have great strings and are a top choice for many players.

Hal Leonard

When it comes to musical instruction, you can’t beat Hal Leonard. I used to have quite a few of their books in my teaching studio. They make books for all instruments and have plenty of great reference materials for learning.


Fender makes excellent guitars and amps, and they also carry a wide range of accessories. These products include picks, cables, strings, tuners, straps, shirts, and more. You’ll be set to go when you buy Fender products.

Electric Guitar Accessory Aesthetics & Build

Before you buy a guitar accessory, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind.

an electric guitar and one of the best electric guitar amps

Here is what you should look for before purchasing these products.


Look at the material used in the construction. Some materials are better in terms of their feel, durability, or looks. For example, a guitar pedal with a metal chassis is better than one made with simple plastic.


Make sure the guitar accessory is made of high-quality materials. For example, a good braided guitar cable is better than one made with cheap materials. You’ll get longer usage out of your accessory and avoid disappointment.


Make sure you buy accessories that you’ll use or think you’ll use in the future. Buy products you’ll use so they don’t sit around and collect dust. It may look neat, but if you have no use for it, you’ll waste cash on it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions that players have about guitar accessories.

How Much Do Electric Guitar Accessories Cost?

Guitar accessories range in price from a few dollars to several hundred or more. It all depends upon what you need. Higher quality accessories will cost you more.

What Guitar Accessories Should I Own?

Here are a few of the basic guitar accessories that you’ll need and use all the time. If you have these at a minimum, you’ll be set to go.

  • Strings
  • Picks
  • Cables
  • Strap
  • Guitar multi-tool
  • Tuner
  • Stand
  • Music books/papers
  • Effects

How Do I Pick Guitar Accessories?

You should experiment with guitar accessories. For example, try various picks and strings until you find something that you like. We all have different tastes and needs, so it requires a bit of experimenting.

What Are the Best Electric Guitar Accessories?

Here is my list of the three best electric guitar accessories that you should own now. All of these choices are excellent products that you’ll use all the time.

Elixir Electric Guitar Strings: Best for All Players

I love Elixir Electric Coated Guitar Strings. They last a long time, and I save money on string purchases. They have a good tone and are well worth the extra cost for one set.

Jim Dunlop Jazz III Picks: Best for Those Wanting to Play Faster

I’ve used Jim Dunlop Jazz II picks for several years. These picks are smaller than normal but easy to hold onto with a grip surface. I find I play faster thanks to the sharp point, which glides over the strings easily.

BOSS TU-3 Pedal Tuner: Best for Studio and Stage Players

The BOSS TU-3 is an excellent pedal tuner. It’s chromatic, so you get an accurate tuning for any note. The chassis is made with rugged metal, and it’s ready to go whenever you need a tuner.

Where Are the Best Electric Guitar Accessories Made?

Most electric guitar accessories are made in the USA. These include companies such as Fender and Jim Dunlop. Some products are manufactured overseas, like BOSS, which is headquartered in Japan and made in Taiwan.

Where to Buy Electric Guitar Accessories

There are several places where you can buy electric guitar accessories. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.


Amazon is the best place to shop online. They have a huge selection, good customer service, fast shipping, and you can read reviews about products before you buy to find something that’s of decent quality for your needs.

Online Music Retailers

Sweetwater and Guitarcenter are two other online retailers to buy products from. Both are good choices and have a huge selection of products. They have good prices, good customer service, and fast shipping.

Your Local Music Store

You’ll find a wide range of guitar accessories at your local music store, so you can also shop there. They may not have everything in stock that you want to buy, so shop around.

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