You may be wondering about the best electric guitar capos for your instrument. All guitarists should have a capo in their guitar case or gig bag. It’s an excellent device that can help you when you’re playing, especially if you’re a singer.

Quick Look: Best Electric Guitar Capos

#1 Best Electric Guitar Capo Overall: Kyser


I’ve used several different capos during my guitar playing career. I find them to be great to devices and helpful in so many ways. I use them all the time to get my voice into the range I want when I’m singing.

This guide to electric guitar capos should help you find a device that works the best for you and your guitar.

What Is an Electric Guitar Capo?

When looking for the best electric guitar capos, it’s important to understand what the device actually does. This device is a small clamp that you place across the frets. It shortens the length of your strings and raises the pitch.

It allows you to play a song in a different key while still playing regular open position guitar chords. This is helpful if you can’t sing in a particular key. You can move the capo to a position for the right key for your voice.

An electric Guitar Capos

Think of the capo as a movable nut. You move the device to the position that works for you and your own vocal range. The timbre of the strings changes when you use a capo, so you can get different sounds.

Types of Electric Guitar Capos

There are several different types of electric guitar capos that you need to know about. Here are the main types that you might want to consider purchasing for your own guitar.

Strap Capo

This type of capo uses a strap to attach to the neck of the electric guitar. It’s easy to use, but they tend to wear out faster than other types of capos.

Toggle Capo

It works the same way as a strap capo, but there’s a toggle that you pull to close the capo shut like you would a latch. This is an inexpensive capo, but you can suffer from tuning problems in some cases.

Trigger Capo

This type of capo has a clamp mechanism that you open up and then place on the guitar. It then clamps down across all of the strings. This type is easy to move and is the most common type of capo used today.

Spring Capo

Basically it’s the same as a trigger capo, except it uses a sophisticated spring system. It’s easy to move to different locations, but intonation can still be a problem in some cases.

Screw Cap Capo

This type of capo uses a screw system you screw down to hold the capo in place. You have good intonation when you use this type of capo. The downside is that you can’t change the position of the capo quickly.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Guitar Capo

Here are a few things to consider before you purchase a capo for your electric guitar.


There is one basic size of capo you use to clamp down across your guitar strings. You can get them for 12-string guitars as well.


The capo is made with a wide variety of materials. Plastic, rubber, silicone, nylon, and metal are the common materials used to make a capo. Devices made with harder materials such as metal and hard plastic will last longer.


Most electric guitar capos are low priced. You can get one for only a few dollars. You can expect to pay around $10 to $20 for a decent capo. A few specialized capos may be a little bit more expensive.

10 Best Electric Guitar Capos

I’ve picked out ten of the best electric guitar capos that you can currently buy on the market. I’ve used some of these products myself and find that they’re excellent choices for anyone that wants to use a capo for their electric guitar.

1. Kyser Quick-Change Capo for Electric Guitars

  • Type: Quick change trigger
  • Material used: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Best for: Those that want a basic trigger capo

The Kyser Quick-Change Capo for electric guitars is an excellent product for your instrument. It’s easy to clamp down across all of the guitar strings, and there’s a small plastic piece that protects the fretboard from damage.

✅ Easy to clamp on
✅ Durable
✅ Lightweight
✅ Steel spring mechanism
❌ Tuning can be an issue
❌ A bit pricy

Why I Recommend It

I keep a Kyser Capo in my electric guitar case. This is an excellent product to use whenever you want to use a capo. I’ve had no problems with my Kyser capo, and it’s one of my most trusted accessories for my instrument.

I like the fact that it’s easy to clamp onto my guitar. I don’t have to fuss with it as you might with some other types of capos. I recommend this capo to anyone that’s looking for an excellent product.



2. D’Addario Tri-Action Capo

  • Type: Spring
  • Material used: Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Best for: Those that want better tension on the strings

The D’Addario Tri-Action Capo is the perfect accessory for your electric guitar. It’s easy to put on your instrument, and it has an adjustment so you can find the right tension for you. It’s relatively low cost and a great investment.

✅ Tension adjustments
✅ Durable
✅ Easy operation
✅ Pick holder
❌ Some had quality issues
❌ Pin may come loose

Why I Recommend It

I like the D’Addario Tri-Action because it has the option of setting your own tension for the strings. Tuning with a capo can be a problem, but this tension spring makes it easier to get the right tension.

Another nice feature of this capo is that it has a small clip for your pick. You can easily put your pick on this clip when you’re not using it. This is a handy feature for when you’re fingerpicking a song.



3. GuitarX X2 Capo

  • Type: Spring
  • Material used: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Best for: Those that want a quick change capo for different instruments

The GuitarX X2 Capo is a great device for electric guitar players that also play other instruments on stage. It would be a great capo for a country player switching back and forth between electric and acoustic guitars.

✅ Works with other instruments
✅ Easy to use
✅ Durable
✅ Pad protects strings
❌ A bit expensive
❌ Some tuning issues

Why I Recommend It

I like this capo because it works with other instruments and not just your electric guitar. The capo is made with durable materials, so it will last a long time.

It’s easy to put this capo onto your guitar with the quick-change clamp. I also like the pad on the capo, which protects your strings and your guitar fretboard from damage.



4. Wuxic Shark Clamp Capo

  • Type: Quick change clamp
  • Material used: Zinc alloy
  • Color: Gold
  • Best for: Those that want a different looking capo

The Wuxic Shark Clamp Capo has a unique look and attractive design. It works for both electric and acoustic guitars. It’s easy to put on and take off of your guitar. It comes with a nice carrying bag to protect it.

It’s made with a zinc alloy, so it’ll last a long time. I like the fact that it comes with a carry box and bag to protect your capo from damage.

✅ Great look
✅ Easy to apply
✅ Solid construction
✅ Low cost
❌ Some had tuning issues
❌ Some may not like the look

Why I Recommend It

I like this shark-style capo, and it comes in at a great price. It has a nice visual appearance, with the teeth looking like they’re biting the guitar. It’s easy to apply with the handy lever.

I’d pick this one up if you’re looking for something a bit different in a capo. Most tend to look quite plain, but this one has a great look and makes an excellent gift for a guitar lover.


5. Dunlop 14F Toggle Capo

  • Type: Toggle
  • Material used: Steel/nylon
  • Color: Silver/black
  • Best for: Those that like the toggle capo style

The Dunlop 14F is an excellent product. I’ve used this type of capo before and find that it keeps the guitar in tune. It’s easy to apply despite being the more cumbersome toggle style.

✅ Low price
✅ Easy to apply
✅ Solid construction
✅ Low profile
❌ Difficult for some to use
❌ Can’t change quickly

Why I Recommend It

One nice thing about a toggle capo is that it lies flat across the strings. It has a lower profile, so it doesn’t get in the way when you’re playing chords. This one is made with quality materials, so it will last a long time.

Another nice aspect of this capo is that it will work on both six-string and twelve-string electric guitars. You can also apply it to any acoustic guitar that you have, so it has multiple uses.



6. Shubb L1 Screw Electric Guitar Capo

  • Type: Screw
  • Material used: Chrome
  • Color: Silver
  • Best for: Those that want a quality screw capo

The Shubb L1 is an excellent screw style capo for your electric guitar. I recommend it if you want to try this type of capo. It’s made with high-quality materials, so it will last a long time.

✅ Durable
✅ Adjustment screw
✅ Padding
✅ Tuning stability
❌ Expensive
❌ May have some string buzz

Why I Recommend It

For those that like screw style capos, Shubb makes some high-quality products. They have designs for electric and acoustic guitars, and the L1 is the perfect choice for an electric guitar player.

The device will protect your guitar fretboard from damage, and it’s easy to adjust the settings with the screw to get the right amount of tension on your fretboard that you need.



7. Fender Dragon Capo

  • Type: Screw
  • Material used: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Best for: Those that want an easy-to-use capo

The Fender Dragon Capo is a simple device to use, and it’s ideal for anyone that has never used a screw capo before. It has a simple screw to lock the capo in place, so it won’t move around.

✅ Easy to use
✅ Good design
✅ Low cost
✅ No interference when playing
❌ May have tuning issues
❌ Some problems with screw

Why I Recommend It

I’ve always been impressed with Fender products, and the Dragon capo is a good accessory to have in your guitar case. It’s made with aluminum, so it’s stable and will last a long time.

The screw is easy to use, and it locks the capo in place, so it doesn’t move around while you play. It has protective pads so it won’t scratch the fretboard.



8. WINGO Rosewood Quick Change

  • Type: Quick change trigger
  • Material used: Aluminum alloy, silicone rubber
  • Color: Rosewood
  • Best for: Those that want a capo that looks like wood

The WINGO Rosewood Quick Change capo is ideal for both acoustic and electric guitars. It has an attractive rosewood finish. It’s easy to take on and off with the quick-change lever.

✅ Attractive look
✅ Easy to use
✅ Well made
✅ Protects the finish
❌ May have some tuning issues
❌ Not as well made as some capos

Why I Recommend It

The WINGO capo is a nice product if you don’t have a lot to spend and are looking for an attractive looking capo. Most capos are made with boring colors, but this one stands out thanks to its wood-like finish.

The capo is easy to put on the guitar and take off again, thanks to the clamp design. It won’t scratch the surface because it has a silicone pad. This is a nice basic capo that has a great look.



9. G7th Guitar Capo

  • Type: Squeeze style
  • Material used: Steel, silicone
  • Color: Silver
  • Best for: Those that want a high-performance capo

The G7th Guitar Capo is unique, as all you do is squeeze it to put it on or take it off the guitar. The capo adapts to your guitar neck to help stabilize the tuning while you use the capo.

✅ Solid construction
✅ Easy to use
✅ Works on other guitars
✅ Adaptive technology
❌ Costly
❌ Strings may buzz a bit

Why I Recommend It

I like this capo, as it’s easy to use with just a simple squeeze to apply it. I like that it adapts to your guitar neck, so your instrument stays in tune better.

It’s easy to move this capo around while playing, as there are no screws or even levers to fiddle with. It fits easily on the guitar neck and is ready to go right away. It costs a lot, but it’s worth it.



10. D’Addario Pro Screw Capo

  • Type: Screw
  • Material used: Aircraft aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Best for: Those that want a well put together screw style capo

For those that want a well-made screw style capo, the D’Addario Pro Screw Capo is a good product to own. It has a nice smooth finish and comes in several colors. The screw makes it easy to adjust the tension to your preferences.


✅ Easy to use
✅ Smooth design
✅ Works with 6 or 12 string guitars
✅ Several colors available
❌ A little expensive
❌ Screw can get loose

Why I Recommend It

I like this D’Addario Pro capo, and it has a nice finish with a silicone pad to protect the fretboard from scratches. It’s well made, and the screw makes it easy to make tension adjustments to suit your needs.

I also like that it works for both 6 and 12 string guitars, so if you have a 12 string electric, you’ll be set. This is a great capo that should belong in your electric guitar case if you like the screw style capo.



Best Electric Guitar Capo Brands

When buying a capo, it’s best to go with established brands. Here are some of the better guitar capo manufacturers you should consider buying from.

Electric Guitar Capos

All of these companies make great capo products.


Kyser makes a wide range of guitar accessories, including capos. I’ve used their products in the past and even have a Kyster capo in both my electric and acoustic guitar cases. These are great products and easy to use.


D’Addario is known for its excellent guitar strings, and they also make capos and other guitar accessories. This is another great brand to work with, and they have a wide range of capos to meet your needs.


Shubb is a well-known maker of capos that has been making capos since 1974. They produce both acoustic and electric capos. They make other accessories as well, such as slides.


GuitarX is a new company that has been making accessories since 2014. Their capos are easy to use, and they have some other products, such as guitar tuners.


Since 2004, G7th has been making capos. They’re nice products, as the capo adapts to the guitar neck without the need for screws or a spring lever. They make some modern capos for your electric guitars.


Dunlop makes a wide range of guitar accessories, including capos. They have been making guitar accessories since 1965. They have a wide range of capos for you to choose from.

Electric Guitar Capo Aesthetics & Build

There are a few things you need to know about the build of an electric guitar capo. Here are the main points to keep in mind.


The capo is usually made out of steel, aluminum, and silicone. Depending on the type of capo, it may have a steel spring or a screw mechanism to attach the capo to the guitar.


Most capos come in either silver or black. There aren’t a whole lot of color options when it comes to these devices. You may find a few that are in different colors, but black and silver are the standards.


You also need to decide the type of capo that you want. I prefer the clamp style or trigger capo, as it’s easy to put on the guitar and take off again. Others prefer the ones that have screws or other fastening devices.

The problem with these types is that it’s difficult to remove the capo after you’re finished playing a song when you have another song in a different key. This is why I like the trigger style capos best.

Electric Guitar Capo Brands To Avoid

You may need to try several capo brands before you find one that works for you. Try to avoid the ones that come in guitar packages, as they tend to be poor.

Electric Guitar

It’s always better to use an established brand for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions that people ask about electric guitar capos.

How Much Do Electric Guitar Capos Cost?

You can get an electric guitar capo for not a whole lot of money. The standard cost is around $10 to $20. There are a few above this price, but this is the standard price for a regular capo.

What Are the Best Electric Guitar Capos?

Here are three of the best electric guitar capos. These are all excellent products and are suitable for anyone that wants to try a capo for their guitar.

Kyser Quick-Change: Best for All Players

I like the Kyser Quick-Change Capo. I have several of these in my possession. This is an accessory I always have in my guitar case. They’re easy to put on and take off your guitar.

G7th Guitar Capo: Best for Saving Time

If you want to save time and don’t want to fuss with your capo, I suggest a G7th Guitar Capo. All you do with this device is squeeze it, and then it adjusts to the radius of your fretboard. There is no need for screws, levers, or other devices.

D’Addario Pro Screw Capo: Best for Those That Like Screw Style Capos

If you’re a fan of the screw style capo, try the D’Addario Pro Screw Capo. It’s easy to use, and it’s simple to make the adjustments with the screw knob to get the tension that you want for your capo.

Where Are the Best Electric Guitar Capos Made?

Most electric guitar capos are made in the United States. These companies have the experience to make exceptional guitar accessories, such as the capo.

Where to Buy Electric Guitar Capos

There are a few places where you can buy an electric guitar capo for your instrument. Here is an outline of the best places to purchase your product.


When it comes to capos for electric guitar, Amazon is your best bet. They have great prices, money-back guarantees, fast shipping, and I like the fact that you can read and leave reviews on products.

Online Music Retailers

Sweetwater and Guitar Center are two other places where you might want to pick up a capo. They have a wide range of products and excellent money-back guarantees. They also have quality customer service.

Your Local Music Store

You can also buy a capo at your local music store. There may be a smaller selection in your local music store than online, but it gives you the ability to try out products before you commit to buy.

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