This guide to the 7 best guitars under $100 will help you find a great low-cost guitar. These instruments are perfect for students or those starting on the guitar. They usually come in packages with accessories, so you’ll have all you need to begin.

As a guitar teacher and music professional, I know all about lower-cost guitars. This guide showcases my experience with musical instruments, and the models featured here would make excellent choices for today’s players.

About Acoustic Guitars Under $100

It can be difficult when starting to find a good guitar. You probably don’t know much about them. Use this guide to pick out a great instrument. Keep in mind that these guitars are mainly for complete beginners.

best acoustic guitars under $100

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, these guitars can also be good choices. They’re perfect for strumming at the cabin or on the beach too. Let’s have a look at our list, and see what’s out there for you.

My Experience with Acoustic Guitars Under $100

I’ve been playing both acoustic guitar and electric guitar for most of my adult life, so I have the experience to help you make a wise choice. I taught students for many years and had a lot of hands-on experience with lower-cost guitars like the ones listed here.

My guide to the 7 best acoustic guitars under $100 will help you as a new player pick out something that’ll work for your needs. I hope you enjoy your new guitar and have fun playing.

Things to Consider When Choosing Acoustic Guitars Under $100

There’s a few things you need to keep in mind before you buy a guitar under $100. Let’s look at a few of the factors you need to address before you buy.


Many guitars under $100 are designed for kids and students. You’ll find both full-sized guitars in this price range as well as smaller 3/4 and 1/2 sized guitars for smaller children. Keep in mind the size of guitar you want before you buy.

The Overall Tone & Sound

The sound you’ll get in this price range is decent, but don’t expect concert-quality tone, as these guitars are designed for learning or simply strumming a few chords. The higher the price, the better the tone will be.


You get what you pay for at this price point. You’ll have a basic guitar along with some accessories. These are starter guitars, so the price won’t be as much of a factor here.


Guitars in this price range rarely come with any pickups or electronics. You’ll have to spend more if you want this feature. There may be a few exceptions, but most of them are for strumming and basic guitar work only.

7 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $100

Here’s my list of the 7 best acoustic guitars under $100. These instruments would make good choices for small kids and beginner students that want to play. Let’s have a look at our list.

1. Barcelona D500 Acoustic Guitar Package

  • Type: Dreadnought
  • What’s included: Guitar, accessories
  • Pickups: No
  • Material & finish: Mahogany, spruce, merbau
  • Best for: Students

The Barcelona D500 gives the beginning guitar student all they need. You get a well-constructed dreadnought acoustic that sounds great and is easy to play. Students get several accessories such as picks, straps, a polishing cloth, and a guitar tuner.

This package comes with an Essentials DVD, so the student can begin learning how to play the guitar right away. New guitar players will have a lot of fun with this guitar package.

What I Like:
✅ Solid wood
✅ Accessories
Gig bag
What I Don’t Like:
❌May need setup
❌ Some accessories could be better

Why I Recommend It

I like this package deal, as it’s just under $100 but gives the player all they need to begin. The guitar is decent enough and it tunes well. I like the included accessories, and the DVD lessons will get the student started on the right foot.

I also like the spruce top and mahogany body. A lot of guitars in this price range have a laminate top, but this one has nice wood. This gives the guitar a smooth and balanced tone.



2. Rockjam Acoustic Guitar Kit

  • Type: Dreadnought
  • What’s included: Guitar and accessories
  • Pickups: N/A
  • Material & finish: Mahogany, spruce, gloss
  • Best for: Beginners that want a solid guitar kit

The Rockjam Guitar Kit has the beginning player in mind. You get a solid and great-sounding guitar, gig bag, and accessories such as a guitar stand, picks, straps, and strings. The player will be all set to go with this kit.

The guitar has a smooth and balanced tone. It’s easy for the beginner to play and will keep the student engaged as they learn their instrument. The tuner helps ensure the strings are tuned up whenever the player wants to rock out.

What I Like:
✅ Case
✅ Tuner
✅ Stand
✅ Good tone
What I Don’t Like:
❌ Wood could be better
❌ May need some setup

Why I Recommend It

I like this package because it comes with free lessons, which is a great deal. I found that this guitar tuned up well and stayed in tune better than similar models. It’s easy to play for beginners.

The dreadnought body is easy to hold whether you’re sitting down or standing up. It’s got a foldable guitar stand and a tuner along with the gig bag. This is one of the best guitars for under $100.



3. Ashthorpe Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

  • Type: Dreadnought
  • What’s included: Guitar, accessories
  • Pickups: On-board pickup system
  • Material & finish: Spruce, basswood, gloss
  • Best for: Beginners that need a pickup

The Ashthorpe Guitar Kit provides the beginner with all they need to get started. This guitar has a pickup, so the student can record or play a live gig if they want with their new guitar.

The guitar has a classic dreadnought design with a good tone and sound balance. The chrome tuning pegs help keep the guitar in tune. The spruce top gives the guitar a good sound when you’re strumming chords.

What I Like:
✅ Pickup
✅ Good tone
✅ Lots of accessories
✅ Good machine heads
What I Don’t Like:
❌ Some accessories could be better
❌ EQ may confuse beginners

Why I Recommend It

It’s rare to find such a low-cost guitar with a pickup and EQ system, but the Ashthorpe has both included. The player can experiment with recording or get used to playing on stage with this setup. It’s a basic pickup, but it gets the job done.

I found that this guitar held its tone well and tuned up without much issue. The neck on the guitar is smooth and I never encountered any rough edges. This guitar is a steal for under $100 and perfect for today’s first-time player.



4. Pyle 3/4 Starter Acoustic Guitar Kit

  • Type: Cutaway dreadnought
  • What’s included: Guitar
  • Pickup: No
  • Material & finish: Basswood, linden plywood
  • Best for: Beginners that want a great guitar kit

The Pyle 3/4 Starter Kit features a nice cutaway dreadnought, so the player can explore the entire fretboard. The player will get up and running quickly with the included online lessons. Accessories include picks, strings, a case, and a guitar tuner.

The basswood construction ensures that the guitar has a warm and balanced tone that the player will love. The 3/4 size makes it easy for even small children to hold. This instrument has the beginner in mind, and it’s a joy to play.

What I Like:
✅ Cutaway
✅ Lots of accessories
✅ Good tone
✅ Nice looks
What I Don’t Like:
❌Some accessories could be better
❌ May need some setup

Why I Recommend It

I like this Pyle kit for the fact that it’s a 3/4-size cutaway acoustic. It allows the player to explore the fretboard without the hand cramping caused by normal dreadnoughts. This is the perfect setup for small kids that want to play.

I like the fingerboard on this model, as it’s smooth up and down the neck of the guitar. I found the overall tone of the guitar to be decent for such a low price. It’s the perfect setup for kids, and this model is easy to play so they’ll stick with it.



5. Sawtooth Acoustic Dreadnought

  • Type: Dreadnought
  • What’s included: Guitar, case, accessories
  • Pickups: No
  • Material & finish: Mahogany, spruce gloss finish
  • Best for: Beginners that want a classic guitar look

The Sawtooth Acoustic Dreadnought is a classic-looking acoustic guitar that’s easy for the beginner to pick up and play. The neck is smooth and responsive at all positions, so the student won’t struggle while learning how to play.

The guitar comes with plenty of accessories as well as online lessons, so the student has all they need to get started. The stand secures the guitar during lessons, and there’s an included tuner to keep the guitar in perfect tune.

What I Like:
✅ Full size
✅ Big tone
✅ Classic look
✅ Great neck
What I Don’t Like:
❌ Some accessories could be better
❌ No cutaway

Why I Recommend It

I like the look and playability of this Sawtooth guitar. A lot of beginner guitar packages come with poor guitars, but this one is playable and sounds decent despite its low price tag.

I recommend having it set up at a guitar shop, as this will ensure the guitar stays in tune for longer. Some of the guitars in these packages aren’t set up all that well. The beginner will love playing this guitar once the setup is done.



6. Hola Music Guitar Kit

  • Type: Dreadnought cutaway
  • What’s included: Guitar, accessories
  • Pickups: No
  • Material & finish: Spruce, mahogany, gloss
  • Best for: Younger kids

The Hola Acoustic Guitar Kit comes in a fun blue color for younger kids to play. The 3/4 size makes it easier for young kids to hold the instrument and strum their first chords. Students get some picks, a strap, and a case to protect the new guitar.

Bring the gift of music to a young person in your family. This kit includes a great guitar that’s easy for a child to hold and look great while they’re playing it.

What I Like:
✅Fun color
✅ 3/4 size
✅ Decent tone
✅ Accessories
What I Don’t Like:
❌ Too small for some
❌ No included lessons

Why I Recommend It

I recommend this guitar because it’s a 3/4-sized guitar. A full-sized dreadnought is too hard for a smaller child to hold. This guitar sits comfortably in their lap while they’re learning. The bright blue color of the guitar will also keep them engaged with lessons.

A guitar like this one may need to be tuned more often than other guitars, but it still has a decent tone. It’ll be a great stepping stone for any younger child that wants to play the guitar.



7. Vault EA-20 Acoustic Guitar

  • Type: Cutaway dreadnought
  • What’s included: Guitar, case
  • Pickups: None
  • Material & finish: Basswood, gloss
  • Best for: Beginner guitar players

The Vault EA-20 Acoustic Guitar offers the new guitar player a lot of value. The guitar has a cutaway for easy fret access. It comes with a lesson DVD as well as many other accessories, so the player is set to begin playing the guitar right out of the box.

The neck on the guitar is smooth and comfortable for playing single notes as well as chords. The dual action truss rod ensures that the guitar neck stays straight. Beginners have what they need to play guitar with the Vault EA-20.

What I Like:
✅ Great tone
✅ Nice cutaway
✅ Good accessories
✅ Lessons
What I Don’t Like:
❌ No pickup
❌ Black color shows scratches

Why I Recommend It

I like this guitar because it’s a full-feature guitar kit. The instrument has easy playability, and it’s a lot better than similar guitars from other packages. The cutaway makes it easier for students to solo and get into lead playing.

This guitar has good machine heads and tunes well despite its low cost. Like many guitars in this range, I recommend having the action adjusted at a shop since it makes this guitar easier to play and it will hold its tune better for longer.



Acoustic Guitars Under $100 Aesthetics & Build

Acoustic guitars under $100 aren’t built as well as expensive guitars, but they’re usually playable. The best option is to have a setup done by a professional, as this makes these lower-cost guitars a lot better in terms of action and tone.

a musician strumming an acoustic guitar for jazz


Here’s a rundown of the basic materials used in guitars under $100. Keep in mind that the wood used will be of lower quality than high-cost guitars.

  • Spruce: Lower-cost guitars may have a spruce top, but this will be lower quality.
  • Basswood: Basswood is common on low-cost guitars. This wood still has a decent tone.
  • Laminate/plywood: Laminate and plywood are used for both bodies and tops on budget guitars.
  • Mahogany: Low grade mahogany is sometimes used for bodies as well as the neck and fretboard on lower-cost guitars.
  • Rosewood: Some low-grade guitars may have a rosewood bridge or fretboard.


There are several different finishes used for acoustic guitars. A breakdown of these individual finishes is below.

  • Gloss: This is a common finish with a good shine and durability.
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer: A common hard finish, also with a good shine and durability
  • Polyester: This finish offers a good shine and long life.
  • Matte: This finish is smooth and doesn’t have much shine. It looks great on acoustic guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few questions that people ask about guitars under $100.

Are Guitars Under $100 Worth It?

A low-cost guitar is designed for a student or young child. These are basic guitars with a decent tone, but many suffer from tuning issues. They’re made with lower-grade wood when compared to higher-tier instruments. Despite their flaws, they’re fine for beginners.

What Type of Sound Can I Expect?

You can expect decent sound out of these guitars, but it’s not exceptional. They aren’t good enough for recording purposes, as they lack the deep tones you need. A beginner won’t notice much difference, and the overall tone isn’t paramount for a beginner.

What Size Should I Buy?

Teenagers and adults will want a full-sized guitar. Younger kids can probably go with a 3/4-sized guitar. The smaller size is easier for a child to hold. They will find playing notes easier on a smaller scale guitar.

Where to Buy Acoustic Guitars Under $100

There are several places where I like to purchase acoustic guitars. Here’s what you need to know before you make that purchase.


Amazon is an excellent place to buy guitars. This is usually my first choice when buying musical products. They have an extensive selection, good prices, and customer service. I like reading the reviews on the site before ordering.

Sweetwater/Guitar Center

Two other great locations are Sweetwater and Guitar Center. Both stores have an excellent product selection, good prices, and reliable customer service. You can’t go wrong when you shop at these two big musical instrument retailers.

Your Local Music Store

Your local music store should have a wide selection of lower-priced guitars. The main problem with a store is that they might not have the model you want, so you’ll have to special order your new guitar.

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