It can be difficult to find a moderately priced classical guitar. These instruments are the perfect solution for both beginners and intermediate players. Nylon strings are easier to press down, so it makes learning simple.

The problem you face is that many beginner classical guitars are not made all that well, which can be frustrating for the beginner player. This Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Review looks at an excellent classical guitar for you.

Taylor Academy 12e-NTaylor 412e-N Grand Concert Classical Guitar

If you like what you see in this Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Classical Guitar review, you can order the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Guitar on Sweetwater.


I’ve been playing acoustic and electric guitars for many years. I was first introduced to the classical guitar when I took lessons in school. These instruments are great to learn on or to continue playing later on in your career.

Taylor makes excellent acoustic guitars, and they also have a couple of nylon string guitars, such as the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Series. Here is an extensive review of this excellent instrument.

About the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert

The Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert is the perfect mid-priced classical guitar. Not only does this guitar have a great classical feel, but it also comes with a preamp and pickup system so you can record or play live.

Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Classical Guitar Review

You have a lot of possibilities open to you when you purchase this instrument. Here is what you can expect from this superior guitar.


The guitar has a Lutz spruce top, which gives the instrument a lot of resonance and note clarity. The back and sides of the guitar feature layered sapele wood. The varnish on the guitar is smooth, and it’s got a natural finish.


The guitar has a 20″ radius, and the scale length is 25.5.” The ebony fingerboard has 20 frets, which are smooth and rounded for easy playability. The neck is comfortable and made with sapele wood.


This instrument has a pickup and an ES-B preamp system along with a guitar tuner. So it’s easy to plug into an amplifier or do some recording with this guitar.

Other Parts

This instrument has a traditional classical bridge, standard machine heads, and two strap buttons. The Tusq nut and saddle help keep the tuning of the guitar stable.

Taylor Academy 12e-NOrder the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Classical Guitar

If you like what you see in this Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Classical Guitar review, you can order the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Guitar on Sweetwater.


Pros & Cons

✅ Great finish
✅ Comfortable neck
✅ Preamp and pickup
✅ Tusq nut and saddle
❌ A bit expensive
❌ Case could be better

My Experience with the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert

Working in a music store introduces you to a wide range of instruments. One of the better classical guitars I got to play was the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Classical.

Taylor 412e-N Guitar Review

This instrument is easy to play, and I consider it an excellent investment for any beginner or intermediate player. Admittedly, it cost a little money, but it’s far above regular classical guitars in terms of its playability.

I also like that this guitar has a preamp and a pickup system, so it’s ready to go if you want to do some recording. This guitar also has a nice built-in tuner, which makes tuning up your guitar a breeze.

The Sound

This instrument has an excellent tone and sound. You can get a rich, full sound no matter what you’re playing. Plug this guitar into any amplifier, and you’ll have a near-perfect classical tone.

I didn’t have much trouble with targeting the sounds I wanted out of it. It sounds great for single notes, fingerpicking, classical etudes, or whatever else you want to play. The preamp has a simple tone and volume control.


This instrument is made with solid wood. The top produces a good resonance, and the notes will pop out as you play them. It’s also got a great projection when you plug it into a good amplifier.

I didn’t find any finish flaws or problems with the body of this guitar. Everything is well made and worth the price that you pay for it. The preamp system is easy to access on the side of the guitar.


One of the main things you face with many classical guitars is that they go out of tune quite easily. This guitar has a fabulous neck that holds its tuning, so you won’t have to worry about making adjustments to your tuning as you play.

Your hand will feel comfortable on the neck of this Taylor guitar. It’s not cumbersome and bulky like some cheaply made classical guitars. Instead, your fingers will glide effortlessly up and down the neck.

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Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Warranty

I would check with the store where you purchased this instrument to determine the warranty. You may also want to contact Taylor Guitars to see what their warranty is for this guitar.

Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert guitar. This should help you make an informed decision about whether or not you want to buy this instrument.

Where Can I Buy the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert?


Should I Buy a Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert?

I recommend this guitar to any beginner, intermediate, or advanced player interested in classical music. The guitar is easy to play, and it has a great tone and a preamp system.

Taylor Academy 12e-NOrder the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Classical Guitar

If you like what you see in this Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Classical Guitar review, you can order the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert Guitar on Sweetwater.


This is one of the better moderately priced classical guitars on the market. It also has a smaller body, so it’s comfortable for younger players such as children or younger adults.

What Are the Advantages of the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert?

The main advantage of this guitar is it’s well built. It’s an excellent-sounding classical guitar. It’s got a smooth and comfortable neck that’s easy on your fingers and hand.

taylor 412e-n grand concert classical guitar sweetwater

Another main advantage is that the guitar has a preamp system. So, you can plug this guitar into an amplifier to play live or use it to record with ease. The preamp system is easy to use, and you also get a built-in tuner.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert?

The downside to this guitar is that it’s not for limited budgets as it’s quite expensive, especially for beginners. It comes with a gig bag, but it could use a better case.

Another disadvantage is that the smaller body size might be too uncomfortable for some players. Beginners may be confused with the preamp system if they’ve never used one before.

Does It Need a Setup?

Most of these instruments should be ready to go right out of the box. Taylor guitars are excellent instruments, but you may still want to take them to a guitar technician. They can change the guitar’s action if it’s not the way you like it.

It’s always a good idea to have a new guitar looked over by a professional to ensure nothing’s wrong with it.

Do I Need an Amplifier?

You don’t need an amplifier for this guitar if you only want to play it as a standard classical guitar. It has enough tone and volume to be heard clearly. However, if you want to play live or record, you’re going to need an amplifier.

You’ll find a broad range of different amplifiers on the market, so check with your local retailer to see what they have to offer. Make sure you pick up an acoustic amplifier, as you can’t use an electric one with this guitar.

Where to Buy the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert

Here are some locations where you can pick up your new Taylor classical guitar. I always find it better to purchase instruments online as you have a great selection, but there are other places to pick up this instrument.


Amazon is an excellent place online to purchase your new guitar. They have an extensive selection, fast shipping times, good customer service, and you can leave reviews as well as read reviews from other people.

Order Online

Sweetwater and Guitar Center are two other locations online to purchase your new Taylor Guitar. They have a great selection of musical products, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

Your Local Store

You may also be able to purchase the Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert guitar at your local music store. Unfortunately, not every location will have this guitar in stock, so that you may have to special order it.


Thank you for reading my Taylor 412e-N Grand Concert guitar review. This is an excellent, moderately priced classical guitar. It has the added benefits of a preamp and a pickup, so you can use it live or for recording.

Please like, comment, and share this article. I look forward to hearing from you about Taylor guitars or guitars in general. Please enjoy playing your new Taylor guitar.