The Baby Taylor is a top-quality instrument for any player. It’s a smaller version of the regular Taylor acoustic guitar, but it offers a ton of value and has an amazing tone.

I’ve played acoustic guitar and electric guitar for many years. In that time, I’ve tried many different guitars, including the Baby Taylor. This is one of the better lower-cost models in the Taylor lineup.

Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

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There are many reasons why you’ll want to own a Baby Taylor guitar. It’s the perfect instrument for the student or for someone that wants a smaller-sized dreadnought guitar. This Baby Taylor review takes a look at this quality guitar.

Baby Taylor Review: About the Baby Taylor

The Baby Taylor is a 3/4 sized acoustic dreadnought guitar. This means that it’s smaller than a regular dreadnought and easier to hold. It’s ideal for students or those that don’t like full-sized acoustic guitars.

Baby Taylor review

The guitar is ideal for travel, as the small size makes it easy to store. The instrument comes with a gig bag, but I’d pick a case to give the guitar more protection. The bag is fine for travel or taking lessons, however.


The top of the guitar is sitka spruce, so the instrument has a great tone. The back and sides are made with layered walnut wood, which further improves the guitar’s tone. The body is kept stable with X-bracing.


The 19-fret mahogany neck is solid, and it sports a comfortable ebony fingerboard. The 22.75 scale length makes the notes easy to access for younger players. You’ll feel at home playing chords and notes up and down the neck.


This instrument doesn’t come with a pickup, but you can buy soundhole and other pickups for the guitar if you want some amplification for your new Baby Taylor. Note that some of the other Baby Taylor models do have a pickup.

Other Parts

The bridge is made with ebony, and it has a TUSQ nut and saddle for good intonation and reliability. The tuners are standard die-cast, and it’s got two strap buttons for easy strap attachment.

Pros & Cons

✅ Good tone
✅ Nice price
✅ Solid wood construction
Gig bag
❌ It may not appeal to older players
❌ Gig bag could be better

Baby Taylor Review: My Experience with the Baby Taylor

I worked in several music stores and got to play several Baby Taylor guitars. This instrument has a wonderful tone despite its low price tag. In addition, you get a pleasing sound out of this guitar, making it perfect for many guitar styles.

Order the Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

If you like what you see in this Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar review, you can order the Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar on Sweetwater.


For students or players that don’t like full-sized guitars, this one is ideal, as it’s a big step above a lot of the lower-priced 3/4 sized guitars on the market by a wide margin. Of course, you’ll be paying more, but it’s worth the investment.

Baby Taylor Review: The Sound

The sound of the Baby Taylor is quite pleasant even though it’s a 3/4 sized acoustic guitar. It’s perfect for chords, fingerpicking, and even some soloing. So, while it doesn’t have the big sound of a full Taylor guitar, it’s decent enough.

Baby Taylor acoustic guitar review

Beginners will love the guitar’s tone, as it’s a lot better than similar 3/4 sized beginner guitars on the market. The student won’t be frustrated by their tone with this pleasant-sounding instrument.

Baby Taylor Review: Guitar Construction

The Baby Taylor features a solid wood construction, so the guitar is built to last. Its tonewoods bring out the natural resonance of the guitar and give it a pleasant tone. It sounds better than other 3/4 sized guitars.

The tuning machines and bridge are stable, and I didn’t notice any finish flaws or other major imperfections in the guitars I played. Overall, the construction of this guitar is pretty good for its price range.

Baby Taylor Review: Playing the Guitar

This instrument is a basic guitar, but has a good tone. It’s great for learning your first chords as well as single notes. It’s got a good strumming tone, and the neck is comfortable to play. Most new players will enjoy playing it.

The smaller size also makes it ideal for fingerstyle, blues, rock, country, and similar styles. It’s lightweight and rests comfortably on your lap as you play the guitar.

Baby Taylor Warranty

Please visit the Taylor Warranty Page for information on their warranty. You should also refer to any warranty offered by the store where you purchased your guitar, as they can help you out.

Baby Taylor Guitar FAQ

Here’s a short FAQ with questions other players ask about the Baby Taylor guitar. This will help you make an informed purchasing decision about this guitar.

Should I Buy This Guitar?

This guitar is designed for beginners. If you’re new to acoustic guitar or want an easier-to-play dreadnought-style acoustic, then I’d look at the Baby Taylor. You’ll get a good tone and a reasonable price when you purchase it.

If you travel and don’t want to take your expensive acoustic guitar with you, then the Baby Taylor can also fulfill that role, as it’s small enough to store easily on your travels.

How Can I Improve the Tone of This Guitar?

This guitar is a 3/4 sided guitar, so it lacks the tone of a full-sized instrument. One suggestion is to add fresh strings, as this will give you a better overall tone. Try using regular light strings as medium may be too much for the smaller neck.

You may also want to install a pickup that can give you more sound options, but it’s not really necessary unless you want to do some recording with the guitar.

Should I Get a Professional Setup?

Lower-priced acoustic guitars may need a bit of setup. From the factory, the strings can be too high off the fretboard. A good guitar tech can look at your new Taylor to determine if it needs a setup or not, and some guitars may not need one.

Another reason why you may want a setup is the tech can get the guitar into the playing preference that you like. This may be the case if you’ve already played before and know what you like in an acoustic guitar.

Are There Other Models?

Yes. The Baby Taylor lineup is quite extensive. I’d try other models to see if there’s a guitar in the lineup that you like. This line has many options for today’s player, so you’re sure to find a guitar for your needs.

Order the Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

If you like what you see in this Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar review, you can order the Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar on Sweetwater.


There are a couple of higher-priced Baby Taylor guitars that already have pickups installed. You may want to go with one of those models if you require a pickup or want to have one installed at a shop.

Can I Solo with the Baby Taylor?

Simple solos will be easy on the guitar, as it’s got a good neck. The limiting factor is that the frets are harder to reach, as the guitar is a dreadnought style. This shouldn’t be considered a lead acoustic guitar as it’s not designed for that.

Where to Buy The Baby Taylor

There are several locations where you can pick up a Baby Taylor guitar. I recommended shopping online, as there’s usually stock at most major online retailers. Here’s what you need to know before you make a purchase.


Amazon is one of the top retailers for musical instruments and other products online. I like buying guitars and gear from them, as they have a good selection, fast shipping times, and reasonable rates.

Order Online

Sweetwater and Guitarcenter are two other locations where you can buy musical instruments online. Both locations have great selections, fast shipping times, and quality customer service so that you can shop with confidence.

Your Local Store

You may also want to visit your local music store to pick up your new Baby Taylor guitar. Unfortunately, not all stores will have the guitar in stock, so you may have to special order it, which will take time.


This concluded my Baby Taylor review. This 3/4 sized guitar from Taylor is the perfect option for beginners or anyone looking for a smaller-sized dreadnought guitar. The instrument offers great value and features a good tone.

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